8 Benefits of AI For Businesses
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8 Benefits of AI For Businesses

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

Artificial Intelligence is dominating the tech sector as well as our lives. It is already present in almost every sphere of our day to day activities and has affected the way we think, perceive and carry out daily chores.

AI is the ability of a computer program to learn, comprehend, analyze, and think. Everything can be considered Artificial intelligence if it makes use of a computer run program doing tasks that would normally require the intelligence of a human.

AI is inclusive of a very complex combination of physical sciences, computer sciences, mathematics, and other complicated methodologies. Multifaceted programming facilitates the machine to carry out various critical operations in an easy way.

It is also capable of carrying out the same job an average human can also do. AI led machines do not need recurrent breaks and refreshments like human beings. They can simply be programmed to work for extended periods and can be used to complete the required tasks by not getting bored or unfocused or even exhausted.

Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence
Pros and Cons of AI, Source

AI is all around us today, Our cell phones have virtual assistants that run on voice commands. Tesla has a range of self driving cars that are already gaining massive popularity in the West.

All these are intelligent services that we recklessly depend on these days.

Right from navigating our way while driving on roads to automatic grammar check for articles we write, we heavily depend upon Artificial Intelligence.

The positive aspects of Artificial intelligence are huge and can be adopted in any professional sector. Having known about what artificial intelligence is, and how it affects us daily, let us have a look at its benefits we are already reaping, knowingly or unknowingly.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has successfully penetrated our lifestyles, so much that life will feel baseless and incomplete without it after a few years. This is a recent dependency that humans have developed for an easier yet lavish lifestyle.

1. AI significantly reduces human errors

The expression "Human Error" exists because humans naturally are prone to making mistakes. Computers, on the other hand, do not commit these mistakes if they are programmed appropriately.

Using Artificial Intelligence, the decision is taken from the formerly gathered data applying a sure set of algorithms. As a result, faults or errors are condensed and reduced. The possibility of reaching precision with a greater degree of accuracy is now a possibility. Nowadays, news channels make use of AI to reduce human-made mistakes.

2. AI is Accessible 24X7 and works without any breaks

A normal human being works and performs tasks for a few hours a day (not including the breaks). Humans are naturally built in a way that they take some time to rejuvenate themselves and get prepared for a new day of work. It makes them stay integral with both their personal and professional lives.

On the other hand, using AI we can make machines operate and perform tasks 24x7 with no requirements of breaks. Today, many client servicing companies and call centers get a lot of queries and issues which are handled efficiently using AI, like picking calls and playing recorded voice, direct to other options on clicking, etc.

3. AI goes where humans can’t

Taking risks that otherwise, humans can not, is one of the biggest advantages of Artificial Intelligence. We can triumph over many risky limits of humans by developing an AI Robot.

It is more commonly found in space expeditions like going to Mars or in Fire Emergencies, like to defuse a bomb. It is also used in marine explorations like exploring the deepest parts of oceans, mining natural disasters, etc. It can also be used efficiently in detecting natural or manmade disasters.

4. AI performs recurring jobs at a faster pace

In our everyday work, we carry out many cyclic duties like sending a thank you mail; confirming certain documents for errors, and many other things. By the means of artificial intelligence, we can prolifically automate these ordinary tasks and can even get rid of these tasks for humans and free them up to be more and more creative.

In banks, we see a lot of verification of documents to get done for a financial loan, which is a very repetitive task for the workers of the bank. Through AI Cognitive Mechanization you can speed up the procedure of verifying the documents by which both the clients and the bankers are benefited.

Uses of AI in Banking
Uses of AI in Banking, Source

5. AI aids digital marketers to identify holes in their advertising approach

A few of the highly advanced institutes make use of digital assistants to work together with users which saves the requirement for human resources. These digital aids are also used in many websites to make available things that users want. We can chat with them about what we are seeking.

Several chatbots are designed in such a way that it has become hard to identify whether we are chatting with a robot or a human being. We all are familiar that many organizations have a client support group that needs to make clear the doubts and queries of the clients.

By using AI the organizations can set up a Voice robot or Chat-based robot which can assist customers with all their queries. Many organizations already started using them on their web portals and mobile applications.

Daily applications such as Apple’s Siri, Window’s Cortana, and Google's Google Assistant are regularly used in our daily lives whether it is for looking for a location, clicking pictures, taking a phone call, replying to messages or a mail, etc.

6. AI takes faster and more data-driven decisions

By using Artificial Intelligence, we can make machines take decisions more rapidly than a human and carry out actions faster. While taking a decision human beings analyze a lot of factors both emotionally and practically but AI-led machines work on the way they are programmed and carry the consequences more rapidly.

7. AI has revamped the medical sector

One of the huge rewards of Artificial Intelligence is that it is highly utilized in the field of medical sciences and medicine in general. We can recognize numerous numbers of medical applications that depend on Artificial Intelligence.

Doctors examine the patient’s health-related statistics and check on the risk factors faced by the patient by the use of the health care devices which run by the aid of artificial or machine intelligence. It helps the patient to be acquainted with the side effects of different drugs and medicines and also act as personal digital care.

Artificial surgery simulators are one of the biggest benefits of Artificial Intelligence. It is because of its efficiency, that medical professionals use this artificial intelligence led stimulator for treatment purposes.

Artificial surgery simulators are one of the biggest benefits of Artificial Intelligence. It is because of its efficiency, that medical professionals use this artificial intelligence led stimulator for treatment purposes.

At present, we have a vast variety of software that can identify as well as monitor the neurological disorders. It can imitate the mechanism and functionality of the human brain.

Robotics is often used in the treatment for psychologically and mentally ill patients to help them come out from their state of mental unrest, and also to aid them to remain active in the actual world. The Current medical field has the popular application of artificial intelligence in the form of Radiosurgery. It helps medical professionals to operate on tumors without destroying the non-affected immediate tissues.

8. AI keeps human safe by undertaking hazardous jobs

Artificial Intelligence and the discipline of robotics are the captivating development goals in technological advancements. Using this, we are capable of handling the enormous volumes of statistics, information, and data to store and to process. We can use artificial intelligence in the procedure of mining and other fuel discovering processes.

These multifaceted machines can be used to triumph human restrictions. We can make use of these machines as a substitute for humans whenever we feel that the process, if carried by humans, would have hazardous consequences, but can not be neglected because of the decency of the final results received.

They can carry out "easier said than done" tasks accurately with greater dependability without any break. Besides, they do not get exhausted easily.

Future of Artificial Intelligence

The ultimate objective of artificial intelligence (AI) is that a machine should be able to have a form of "general" intelligence similar to humans. It is one of the most striving aspirations ever projected by science. In terms of intricacies, it is analogous to other great scientific objectives, such as the explanation of the genesis of life or the Universe, or to discover the structure of matter.

In recent years, this curiosity in building intelligent machines has given rise to the creation of models of the human brain and its functionality. In the seventeenth century, for instance, Descartes thought whether a multifaceted mechanical system of wires, mechanical parts, and gears could perhaps imitate a human thought!

Two centuries later, the thought took a form of telephone systems, as it appeared probable that their associations could be a foundation to form a neural system. Today, the overriding model is computer-based and makes use of a digital computer system.

Artificial Intelligence has irrefutable potential and existence. It is only civilizing the standards and excellence of various industries where it is used in. It is so favored and is being used not only because of its pioneering and interesting character, but because it is cost-efficient, almost accurate, and saves time and labor.

Application of Artificial Intelligence in any characteristic will only enhance a certain business, irrespective of the operational sector. Computer power is rising, algorithms and AI are becoming more refined and, feasibly most importantly, the world is generating unimaginable volumes of information.

Data, calculated in billions of gigabytes all the time, is composed of networked approaches virtually in each industry. As a result, AI is being strongly interwoven into approximately every aspect of our lives.

It is here to stay and will rise even more. Intelligence is an unusual and precious benefit and a commodity. From the perplexing brain of the animals, humans, to reflective learning machines and autopilot vehicles – intelligence is the most authoritative and respected resource in life.

Despite new developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that facilitate it to triumph games and drive vehicles, there are countless unexploited opportunities for highly developed technology to have a significant and to our advantage impact, on the world. Mainly, at the intersection of AI and robotics. We are currently in the nucleus of a convincing new wave of Artificial Intelligence.

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