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How Concha Labs Reduced Their Meeting Time by 35% With Fireflies' Help

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

Matt Sorg, CTO at Concha Labs, discussed how they were able to make their meetings more efficient and reduced their meeting length by 35%, all with the help of Fireflies.

About Concha Labs

Concha Labs are making software that enables people to customize hearing aids and hearing devices, directly from their cell phones! No more appointments, and they are able to drastically reduced costs for premium devices.

Matt Sorg is the CTO, which means building off their patented technology, and guiding the team to continue to deliver features and improvements, is his focus.

Matt Sorg, CTO at Concha Labs
Matt Sorg, CTO at Concha Labs


As an accessibility company, they wanted to have a way for meetings to be reviewed in whatever way people felt comfortable.

They are also now a remote team. When thinking about ways they can take advantage of more of the interactions taking place digitally, transcribing seemed like a great choice to them.

Impact of the Problem

The hearing device by Concha Labs is geared towards hearing speech in everyday life.

Having all the digital meetings in dramatically different audio quality due to internet speeds, it placed a lot of burden on their process of switching to remote work and the benefits of working remotely were becoming difficult to enjoy properly. They started moving towards a written documentation first approach to collaboration.


Concha Labs uses fireflies to reduce their meeting time by 35%

They stumbled upon Fireflies when they were looking for solutions which could help people be more engaged in meetings rather than having to keep notes.


Matt recalls if digital meetings were too much of a struggle for accessibility reasons, it would have affected their decision to go fully remote. Now with, they can combine this written documentation approach with copying meeting transcriptions from fireflies to the documentation.

With Fireflies, meeting length has reduced by ~35%. There's less of a need to clarify things that were already said because people know they can go back and review.

- Matt Sorg, CTO at Concha Labs

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