Fireflies Feature Focus: Multi-language Transcription
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Fireflies Feature Focus: Multi-language Transcription


We speak your language now!

We are thrilled to bring the simplicity and power of Fireflies to more users: introducing multi-language transcription.

You can now invite Fireflies AI notetaker to your meetings and transcribe them in one of the 60+ new languages, including German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. We also support three English accents: UK, Australian, and US.

Just select your preferred language before the meeting starts. It can’t get easier than this.

Note: Currently, Fireflies does not support multiple languages in the same meeting. Fireflies lets you choose a preferred language and transcribes meeting notes and summaries in that language.

Here’s how multi language transcription works.

Setting up multi-language transcription

To set up foreign language transcription,

  • Go to your Fireflies dashboard ( and click Settings.
Fireflies notebook

  • Click Meeting Settings, and select the language spoken during meetings from the Meeting Language dropdown.
Fireflies meeting language settting
  • Once you’ve selected the language, Fireflies saves your preferences. Here’s an example. You selected Spanish as your meeting language.
Fireflies multi-language transcription option

  • Fireflies AI notetaker will join your meeting to transcribe whatever you speak in Spanish.
Fireflies multi-language transcription bot

  • You can also upload a recorded audio file on Fireflies. For testing purposes, here’s a pre-recorded meeting in Spanish.
Fireflies multi-language transcription audio upload

  • You’ll receive the transcription in a few minutes based on the meeting duration. You can find the transcription in the #My Meetings channel in your Fireflies Notebook.
Fireflies meeting channels

  • Fireflies automatically detects and transcribes your meeting in Spanish.
Fireflies multi-language transcription

And that’s it. You can review, edit, and share the transcript with ease.

Send automated meeting notes with Notion integration
Introducing our latest integration with Notion, which allows Fireflies users to send automated meeting notes directly into Notion.

Just a quick note: this feature is available to all Fireflies users.

Save yourself from taking meeting notes. Try Fireflies foreign language transcription. Adiós!

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