Fireflies Product Updates October 2018

Fireflies Product Updates October 2018

Krish Ramineni

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If you've been following us over the past 15 months, Fireflies has come a long way. Our users have helped us evolve the platform into a complete product suite that helps you get the most out of your meetings.

Here are some latest updates we are announcing.

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1. Upload pre-recorded audio files

That's right! Many of you have in person meetings that you record on your phones or have previous meetings that you already have recorded files for. Now you can simply drag and drop your audio files and get it completely transcribed and made searchable.

2. Invite to a meeting with a web conferencing dial in/pin

We are reintroducing this feature due to popular demand. You can invite to a calendar invite and have that meeting recorded and transcribed automatically. Just make sure that the meeting you are inviting Fireflies to has a dial-in number and a pin.

3. Have Fireflies auto-join all your calendar meetings

Many of our users just want all their meetings recorded. Especially when they are having important meetings with clients or teammates on Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, etc. They don't want to keep thinking of adding Fred. When you are signing u you can specify that Fred should join all your meetings.

4. More custom preference settings

We give you more control so that you get to decide who the meeting summary gets sent to or which meetings Fireflies joins. Now you don't have to worry about Fireflies automatically joining meetings you don't want it to or accidentally sending meeting outputs to attendees.

5. Dive into the entire transcript and listen to a particular part inside the dashboard

One of the major updates for October is our new dashboard where you can read, listen, search, skim through the entire transcript. You can click on any word and here the audio as well. Check out a sample call here that you can play around in.

6. Audio playback at 2x speed

This is my personal favorite. As much as I like having the transcript right there to search through, I would prefer to listen to the actual part of the call to understand tone and way something was said. We provide that capability plus the ability to listen to the entire call at 2x speed.

7. Smart search and filtering capabilities

You can search to any part of your meeting, create custom flags, and also use smart search filters to dive into topics, dates, numbers, metrics, etc.

8. Automatic next steps and task detection

This is one of our users' most favorite features. Inside the dashboard there is a filter that will highlight all the potential tasks/next steps Fireflies has identified. This helps make every meeting actionable if you don't have time to review the entire call.

9. Tap or highlight a phrase to create notes

You can double tap on a sentence or highlight it and press add to create notes. Imagine having a book where you can just highlight all the relevant bits that you or your teammates can refer back to later.

10. Edit/Modify the transcript to your liking

Give us really good audio and we will get you 90%+ accuracy on your transcript. Look we know not every single word is going to be perfect every single time. For our users that want to spot check, they can now edit any part of the transcript.

11. Sync notes to CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho or even Slack with a single click

You can sync these highlighted notes to your CRM with a single click. Imagine not having to worry about filling out your CRM after every call. Lots of sales reps that use Fireflies like to review their calls at the end of the day and push info to Salesforce. This makes it super streamlined so that they don't have to worry about taking notes during calls.

12. Log activities and notes in your CRM automatically after calls

If you use one of our CRM  integrations, your calls are automatically logged inside as activities so that you don't have to do it.

13. Global search let's you search across all your past meetings

Fireflies global meeting hub lets you search and filter across all your past meetings. Imagine having had 100 meetings and being able to search to a meeting with a particular topic that you need to look back at. Now it's possible!

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