Fireflies Solutions: Customer Support &  Contact Centers

Fireflies Solutions: Customer Support & Contact Centers

Krish Ramineni

The Fireflies conversation tracking suite helps contact centers make their CS agents more productive while helping your organization implement better quality assurance measures.

The conversation tracking suite enables fast growing support orgs to analyze their calls to help ramp up agents faster and improve overall customer satisfaction.

How Can My Org Leverage Fireflies For My Contact Center?

  1. Tackle and reduce rep turn over
  2. Speed up training time
  3. Increase rep productivity with automated data capture
  4. Implement a thorough quality assurance process for every customer call
  5. Drive up better customer satisfaction with better coaching and oversight

Which contact centers do you deploy for?

  1. We work with a plethora of cloud based contact centers as well as native contact centers. Reach out to us to request more information here.

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