How to Record & Transcribe Calls Into Freshsales CRM?

How to Record & Transcribe Calls Into Freshsales CRM?

Krish Ramineni

When you are a busy sales rep having tons of back to back meetings every week, chances are that you forget to update your CRM. Then your manager asks you how things are progressing and why you haven't logged your call activities or put in the notes from each interaction.

Trust us, we've been there. Freshsales users now can automatically record and transcribe their calls with Fireflies. The best part is all these activities get logged straight into Freshsales under the appropriate contact. You never have to lift a finger. Imagine never forgetting an important conversation again!

Here's how it works.

  1. Sign up/login to here
  2. Connect your calendar & configure your meeting settings
  3. Select Freshsales on the integrations page and enter your API key

That's it! Next time you have a scheduled meeting, Fireflies will join the call, record it, transcribe it, create notes, and log the activity into Freshsales.

If you have unscheduled meetings that you've recorded, you can drag and drop them into Fireflies to transcribe and these will also get logged into Freshsales.

At Fireflies, we believe that your sales conversations are absolutely critical for winning deals. There's no need for handoffs to be painful anymore. We want to give your entire team 100% recall of every touchpoint you have with your customer. Your managers will be happy cause they can be in the loop and help guide you on deals. Most importantly, we're freeing up you the rep from having to do busy work and helping you spend more time focusing on the call instead.

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