9 Powerful SaaS Customer Success Emails to Boost Satisfaction Rates
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9 Powerful SaaS Customer Success Emails to Boost Satisfaction Rates

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

Sending your customers emails is one of many ways to keep in touch with them. But how many people do actually check their emails? The following statistics from Campaign Monitor may surprise you:

So, with very few users looking at email these days, how can customer success teams for SaaS businesses reach out to them?

The answer lies in these 9 emailing tactics that will help increase user interaction and boost satisfaction rates (and revenue), too.

1. Trial Reactivation

“Most users will take advantage of a free-trial period, but then won’t go any further once that period is over,” says Mark Avery, a tech writer at Next Coursework and Origin Writings.

“However, free trials can be brought up in email marketing. The conversion rate for opt-in free trials is at 15%; whereas, the rate for opt-out trials is at 50%. Even if consumers aren’t satisfied with their free trials, you should still give inactive users a window to come back if they want to give a product or service another shot.”

2. “Happy Anniversary”

When you’re with a brand for a whole year, you would want to get notified with anniversary-based incentives, right? Then why not give that treat to your customers? By sending an Anniversary email, not only are you notifying them about a special achievement, but you’re also inviting them to take advantage of incentives that come with this milestone.

3. “Keep Going!”

Persuasion should come with good intentions. In other words, customers want to be encouraged to keep going with something, even when they have their doubts. By sending emails of encouragement (preferably weekly), you’re not abandoning your customers, but connecting with them even more, thus possibly establishing a relationship with them.

4. “We Built This For You!”

Customer success teams should know why clients use their products and or services. Therefore, it’s imperative to personalize emails that make customers more welcome.

By saying “We’ve built this for you!” in your subject line, you’re inviting them to see something that they might be interested in. That statement acts as a call-to-action (CTA) to get them to interact with your email.

5. Helping Hand

Customer onboarding lets you use key activation events (i.e. product success) at the right times to get customers to act, thus increasing funnel completion rates. When you highlight relevant things for customers to do (i.e. asking them to install an update), you’ll tell them what they’ll receive if they act quickly.

6. Value Bomb

Customers want value for their money. So, why not give it to them? A value bomb helps customers reap the benefits from using your product or service. This email should even speak to new users, so that they feel that their time and money are valued as well.

7. Upgrade Incentive

Say a customer was doing a 30-day free trial, but had found value in a product or service on Day 3. Offering them an upgrade would be great! Although it’s not easy to identify which customers would want an upgrade from you, it’s important to look at who have hit your key activation events. Plus, you can give these customers incentives for upgrading right away.

8. Delinquency

“Customer success teams must check in with customers often,” says Simon Cambridge, an email expert at PhD Kingdom and Brit Student. “Also, if business-critical processes require action from your customers – like an email address that’s stopped working – send delinquency emails for those.”

9. Account Rescue

Finally, you’ll need to know that some users will sign up to a SaaS brand, only to not come back after a while. So, be sure to “rescue” their account by sending an email to said customers. Your email can be helpful, or even humorous, just as long as they act as reminders, so that customers can come back to your brand.


So, the next time that your customer success team is planning to start an email marketing campaign, look to these 9 successful emails. Once you implement the right email(s), your SaaS brand will see a rise in not only revenue, but also a rise in happy customers.

This article is written by guest author, Regina Wheeler.

Regina is an eLearning consultant at Write my thesis. As a professional writer, she has been involved in many writing projects nationwide. As a blogger, she specializes in management, marketing, and finances.

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