Supercharge Your Microsoft Suite With Fireflies

Supercharge Your Microsoft Suite With Fireflies

Krish Ramineni
Krish Ramineni

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Our enterprise voice assistant brings a full suite of integrations to the Microsoft platform that will supercharge your team's collaboration.

Office 365 (Outlook)

Fireflies can connect to your Outlook calendar and join meetings across a host of web-conferencing meetings. All that is required is the meeting url and dial-in details somewhere on the calendar invite.

You can invite our AI assistant to specific calendar invites as a participant or configure your meeting settings to have Fred auto-join all calendar events with a web-conferencing option.

Outlook Plugin

The Fireflies Outlook Add-in allows Office365 users to easily add Fireflies to their meetings from inside Outlook with a click of a button.

Microsoft Teams (Web-Conferencing)

Many enterprises are now fully adopting the new and improved Teams web-conferencing platform. Fireflies can join Teams meetings as a participant and help take notes, create action items, and make the entire voice conversation searchable afterwards in our dashboard.

Skype for Business

We have legacy support for Skype for Business as well. Just include the Web-conferencing dial in details and Fireflies will join from the phone line to help you during your meeting.

More workflows via Zapier


Imagine automatically filling out notes in Onenote after every meeting. Fireflies can help make notes of important topics, action items, and even voice commands you call out during the meeting.

Microsoft To Do

Any tasks I create using voice commands during the meeting can be created as tasks inside the To Do app. This helps ensure nothing falls through the cracks after the meeting.

Dynamics CRM

With the help of Zapier & Fireflies, you can automatically log sales meetings in Dynamics CRM, as well as create and update new contacts with meeting recordings, notes, and transcripts.

Microsoft Excel

You might not be using a full-fledged CRM like Dynamics but Excel is a great alternative for small teams to connect Fireflies with. With Fireflies, you can auto log meetings, contacts, dates along with links to the recaps that Fireflies generated.


Save meeting recaps into a specific folder automatically.

What if you have a bunch of previously recorded meetings. There is a special workflow unique to One Drive where Fireflies can analyze past calls that are uploaded to One Drive, transcribe them, make them searchable, and help you review 1 hour conversations in less than 5 minutes.

If you're a Microsoft Suite user, we're constantly coming out with more integrations and workflows that will dramatically streamline the way you work!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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