Tips on Using to Ace your Meeting Productivity
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Tips on Using to Ace your Meeting Productivity

Vibhanshu Dixit
Vibhanshu Dixit

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Scheduling meetings is a drain on the most precious resource; time. Be it executives, managers, or assistants, the process of setting up a meeting takes a toll on overall productivity for everyone.

According to a Doodle survey, 47% of executives complain about the time wasted per week on meetings.

One of the major roadblocks in scheduling meetings is finding a mutually compatible time. The endless back and forth of emails to find a suitable time derails the meeting agenda. Further, sending reminders before a meeting can add to the headache.

With, meetings are scheduled automatically as per the availability of the host and guests.

What is

Source is a scheduling AI that instantly organizes meetings as per your preferences and availability. You can send time options to the guests or let send a list of choices automatically. also sends automatic follow-ups and can reschedule meetings.

What makes even more compelling is the ability to paste time options directly into an email. This can save a lot of time in switching between several apps. has many other useful features under the hood.

Thus, it’s best to look at the tips to start leveraging the tool.

Tips for Using

1. Created Integrated Calendars

Every employee has different time slot availability. It is tedious asking for a suitable time and date before scheduling a meeting. Thus, we recommend that you and your co-workers have a team account in

A team account enables to automatically consider availability and preferences based on your calendars. When your co-workers are signed up under one team, you can manage the conference room and even add your company’s logo to the emails.

2. Schedule Meetings Right Inside an Email

A lot of meaningful conversations happen in emails. That’s why 87% of business professionals use email as the primary communication channel. When a discussion requires a video collaboration, you need to switch to a video conferencing tool and start a meeting. But, the process adds to the delay.

The better way is to schedule a meeting right from the emails by providing available dates. With, you just need to ensure all the guests are on the same email thread. Then, allow to assign its assistant to request the meeting.

  • You can say, “Amy, please schedule a meeting with David, Chris, and Alex next week. Call this ‘Strategy Brief’ and mark me as an optional guest”.
  • After this, you will receive a confirmation from asking if you need to modify anything. Amy ( assistant) will then ask each participant to choose an available time.

3. Record and Transcribe your Meetings Automatically

Poorly managed meetings are the main reason why most meetings are unproductive. The resources spent on an inefficient meeting become a sunk cost.

You can increase productivity if you let automation do the work for you. There is an option to record and transcribe your whole meetings scheduled via

The Fireflies + integration provides you with a feature to automatically invite into your meetings. will record and transcribe your meeting securely and save it to your account.

Here's how to enable Fireflies transcription in  

  • Login to your account and head over to settings.  
  • Move to the Record and Transcribe section and choose Fireflies as your default service.
  • Click on Save.
  • After Save, click on Scheduling Defaults to ensure Fireflies is turned on.

This will automatically CC (Fireflies AI assistant) in every future meeting and will capture the entire conversation to generate rich digitized notes for later consultation.

This makes it easier to share meeting minutes with cross-team members and turns information into action items. You can even revise a 1-hour long meeting within 5-minutes using Smart Search filters to identify next steps, deadlines, dates, metrics, etc.

4. Invite Guest Without an Email

With, you can opt to use the Create Tool to create, schedule, and confirm a meeting. You can write an invitation in the Create Tool, add the guests, and provide other details. After this, you’ll see a preview of your email to the recipients. Here you can add, modify, or delete information.

5. Follow-ups and Meeting Reminders

Swamped in work, your guests might miss a meeting notification. Instead of manually sending reminders to each one of them, let do that automatically.

  • You can configure the frequency and number of follow-ups and reminders that should send.
  • Alternatively, you can let the AI decide the frequency depending on the number of days left before the meeting.
  • will always notify you about who has responded. This lets you follow up personally with ones who haven’t responded.

6. Cancel Or Reschedule Meetings

Unavailability for a meeting is bound to occur sometimes.

If your meetings are scheduled via, every guest will have an option to Cancel or Reschedule Meetings as per their preferences.  

Automate Repetitive Tasks and Save Time

The prime benefit of automation is that it saves crucial resources spent on mundane tasks.

With <> integration, you can automatically schedule, record and transcribe all your meetings. It automates your entire meeting workflow by facilitating cross-team collaboration and helps you generate action items from every meeting.

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