How Fireflies Optimized Akatia Technologies’ Sales Process
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How Fireflies Optimized Akatia Technologies’ Sales Process

Arlen Cruz

"A-B-C. A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing. Always be closing” is not just a movie mantra; it is a real-life sales goal. Having a well-defined and effective sales process is one of the most important factors to reach that goal.

The team at Akatia Technologies know this, and like any other good team, they seek ways to continuously improve their sales process. This is how they discovered Fireflies.

About Akatia Technologies

Abdellah Bellahssan CEO of Akatia Technologies Inc
Abdellah Bellahssan, CEO of Akatia Technologies Inc.

Founded in 2013, Akatia Technologies specializes in warehouse management software tailored for the logistics industry. The company’s Warehouse Advanced Management (WAM) system—which is built on the Salesforce platform—allows businesses to efficiently manage their processes within a central hub.

Aside from being cost-efficient, Akatia Technologies’ WAM solves multiple problems when using traditional ERP systems. It is packed with powerful features suitable to any logistic organization’s needs—from efficiently managing inventories to tracking vessels and containers.

Problem with Optimizing and Streamlining the Sales Process Due to Time-Consuming Transcription Method

Transcribing client conversations is pertinent to the optimization of the Akatia Technologies team’s sales process. But it can’t just be any transcription—it has to provide reliable results for it to be insightful.

The team needs to extract accurate information that will provide insights into the challenges they are facing. Transcribed conversations help them discuss new requirements with their customers as well.

The team’s previous way of documenting client conversations (and sharing those with the clients) was time-consuming. "We were taking too much time to document the conversations and to finally share them with the customers. It was a pain," Mr. Abdellah Bellahssan, CEO of Akatia Technologies, explains.

They initially used a different software, but according to Mr. Bellahssan “the storage and reviews were difficult to maintain.

Fireflies ai improves the sales process of Akatia Technologies

Improvement in Akatia Technologies’ Sales Process

Fireflies streamlines conversation-related activities that are significant to Akatia Technologies’ sales process. For one, Fireflies captures accurate information that the team can review and distribute as needed.

Fireflies can filter topics, edit transcripts, or extract key information that can help make or break their sales strategy. Apart from these activities, the team can take notes while listening to a transcript as well as comment on different parts of the transcript when necessary.

But here is where it gets better: Fireflies seamlessly integrates with different CRMs. The integration makes it possible for team members to easily sync meetings, notes, and transcripts.

Learn more about this useful feature below.

Fireflies’ CRM Integration

It is a useful feature greatly appreciated by Mr. Bellahssan and his team. “Transcripts are saved in our CRM for further review and AI analysis,” the Akatia Technologies CEO explained.

Fireflies CRM integration provides multiple benefits to businesses. Here are some of them:

Automatically Log Information After Every Meeting

Manually logging information to CRMs can be frustrating and problematic. For one, it can produce inaccurate results. Secondly, it’s time-consuming. Fireflies eliminates these problems by automatically logging information under the appropriate contact.

Embed Audio and Transcripts

If you’re using Salesforce, you can easily and directly embed audio and transcripts. Make sure that your Fireflies account is connected to your Salesforce account. Once it is done, you can enable transcripts by going to the sales app. Need help? Here’s how to integrate Salesforce with Fireflies.

After switching to Fireflies, the Akatia Technologies team were able to quickly transcribe client conversations and extract useful information for better insights on their sales process challenges.

Are you using a different CRM? Explore Fireflies’ CRM integration list to confirm if it is compatible.

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