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How Fireflies Increased Alta Gracia's Meeting Engagement

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

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John Allen, COO at Alta Gracia, discussed how Fireflies increased the engagement of their employees in the meeting and focus on the depth of conversation rather than multitasking to take notes and missing out on important points.

About Alta Gracia

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John Allen, COO at Alta Gracia
John Allen, COO at Alta Gracia


During their internal meetings, most of the people were more focused on the meeting minutes instead of the actual depth of the conversation in the meeting.

Impact of the Problem

Due to the focus on taking meeting minutes simultaneously while also concentrating on the meeting content, people were forced to multitask. However, this multitasking led to things being missed, peoples opinions not shared, etc. This was causing a lot of issues in the important points being missed and reduced their work efficiency.


Alta gracia Uses Fireflies to Improve Meeting productivity

They stumbled upon Fireflies when they were looking for solutions which could help people be more engaged in meetings rather than having to keep notes.


This was the perfect solution employee participation increased in the meetings. They now knew where the conversation is going, while reading the meeting notes after the meeting is over.

Fireflies has allowed our employees to be more engaged in the meetings and has eliminated the need for people to take notes.

- John Allen, COO at Alta Gracia

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