Avoma vs. Gong: Which Conversation Intelligence Tool is Right for You?
Sales Conversation Intelligence

Avoma vs. Gong: Which Conversation Intelligence Tool is Right for You?


If you're in sales, marketing, or customer success, you understand the importance of analyzing client conversations to gain insights.

Gaining these insights can lead to better outcomes such as better customer understanding, more targeted sales strategies, increased conversion rates, and, ultimately - sales.

That's where conversation intelligence tools like Avoma and Gong come in. Both provide features such as call recording, transcription, and analysis, but which one is right for you?

In this blog post, we'll give you a full rundown of Avoma vs. Gong and help you figure out which one is the best tool for you.

Avoma vs. Gong

What do tools like Avoma and Gong do?

Both Avoma and Gong help businesses analyze and optimize their interactions with customers. They use advanced technologies like natural language processing and machine learning to:

  • Record and review conversations
  • Transcribe and analyze customer conversations
  • Providing valuable insights that businesses can use to improve their performance

Overall, these tools offer a solution for businesses looking to enhance their customer conversations and drive better outcomes.

Avoma vs. Gong: What's the tool for you?

Each tool has its own distinct qualities, just like siblings in a family. This means that when it comes to choosing between Avoma vs. Gong, it's important to consider each tool's unique strengths and weaknesses.

So, let's take a closer look at what makes Avoma and Gong different from each other and find out which one comes out on top.

1. Features

Avoma vs. Gong - Feature comparision with Fireflies

When it comes to meeting intelligence, both Avoma and Gong offer call recording and AI-powered transcription, as well as automated CRM entry.

But Avoma stands out with its collaborative note-taking feature, which allows multiple users to edit or make notes on a call via its built-in editor. Avoma also has a clear focus on meeting assistance and helping sales reps with their entire meeting lifecycle workflow, while Gong focuses more on sales leadership and sales coaching.

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2. Functionality

Avoma vs. Gong - Functionality

According to G2 reviews, Gong comes out as the more user-friendly option compared to Avoma. It's easier to set up and manage, making it a convenient choice for businesses. Still, both solutions are equally effective when it comes to conducting business.

When it comes down to fulfilling the needs of the business, Gong is the winner based on reviews. It's also the preferred choice for ongoing product support. But, Avoma's feature updates and roadmaps are considered more promising than Gong's.

Overall, while Gong excels in certain areas, Avoma has its own unique strengths that appeal to users. It ultimately comes down to which solution fits your specific needs and priorities.

3. Pricing

Avoma vs. Gong - Pricing
  1. Avoma is transparent in its pricing, with all pricing information readily available on its website. But Gong doesn't mention pricing explicitly on its website, and you need to go through several calls and meetings before you get to know the pricing offered to you.
  2. In terms of flexibility, Avoma offers different licenses for different members based on their specific needs, giving you more control over your expenses. Gong doesn't provide such flexibility.
  3. Gong comes with a platform fee that you need to pay every year, which may not be suitable for businesses on a tight budget. Avoma, on the other hand, doesn't charge a platform fee and offers more pricing options that can cater to a wider range of customers.

Avoma vs. Gong: Summing it up

Choosing between Avoma and Gong can be challenging as both offer powerful features and integrations to enhance productivity and gain insights from customer conversations.

Gong specializes in conversation analytics, while Avoma offers AI-powered meeting and conversation intelligence. And both platforms utilize AI technology and support integrations, but there are variations in pricing and customer support.

Based on the comparison chart above, Avoma appears to be more budget-friendly, with a lower starting price and similar G2 ratings, so ultimately, the decision between these platforms will depend on your specific business needs and budget.

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Regardless of the platform you choose, integrating AI-powered conversation analytics can help you obtain critical insights and make data-driven decisions to boost business success.

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