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Cara Parrish Marketing Uses Fireflies To Increase Productivity and Happiness in the Team

Neha Kulshreshtha
Melody Ocumen, Neha Kulshreshtha

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Cara Parrish, Founder of Cara Parrish Marketing, shared how they replaced a complicated tool with Fireflies and increased their team productivity.

Cara Parrish, Founder of Cara Parrish Marketing
Cara Parrish, Founder of Cara Parrish Marketing


Cara Parrish Marketing is a marketing agency for personal brands. They help coaches, consultants, authors, and speakers create their digital legacies.

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The company was using a clunky complicated tool that was similar to Fireflies but was difficult to use. What added to the problem was that it was constantly glitching. The employees have weekly client meetings and they really need a system they could rely on for voice transcription and other uses.

Accountability is crucial when you're overseeing a client's personal brand. If our team couldn't stay up to date on what our clients were thinking or feeling they'd lose touch with their vision of the online persona.


The problem caused a lot of issues during client calls, which was a bad experience for their customers and a missed opportunity for them. They also tried some other tools, but found them to be unreliable or had awful customer service.

We once waited five days to hear back from Voicea's customer support. It was awful!


Cara Parrish Marketing Uses Fireflies To Increase Productivity

They were googling voice transcription software alternatives when they found Fireflies. Initially, they were worried that they might face the same issues as the previous tools, but there haven't been any issues so far.

Fireflies' customer service team thought of a solution within minutes when they needed help merging accounts due to their email masking set up.


Cara found UI to be beautiful. They already have a client who is interested in using it for their own client meetings.

Our team is so much happier and as a leader there's nothing more in the world I could ask for than a happy productive team.

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