How Clubhouse Lead Gen Podcast Found a Dependable Recording Backup in Fireflies
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How Clubhouse Lead Gen Podcast Found a Dependable Recording Backup in Fireflies

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How would you feel if you lost a precious podcast recording? Something that you’ve put a lot of effort and time into. Frustrated? Annoyed? You have to be a saint to not be stressed about something like this happening.

Having a good backup plan is the answer. A wise woman like Meiko S. Patton, owner of Clubhouse Lead Gen Podcast, knows this. She was looking for a just-in-case tool and found a solution in Fireflies.

About Clubhouse Lead Gen Podcast

Meiko S. Patton Owner of Clubhouse Lead Gen Podcast
Meiko S. Patton, Owner of Clubhouse Lead Gen Podcast

Clubhouse Lead Gen Podcast was launched in March of 2021. In this informative podcast, host Meiko talks to entrepreneurs who are making waves on Clubhouse. The entrepreneurs share their experience and provide actionable techniques on how to make the platform work for businesses.

The podcast not only caters to entrepreneurs looking to generate leads on Clubhouse, but it’s helpful for PR professionals and PR agencies as well.

As someone who has a PR background, Meiko provides her take on how to leverage the invite-only platform. Meiko and her guests provide helpful tips on how to boost important parameters such as audience size, topic relevance, and of course, generating leads.

All of that while keeping the flow of the interview fun, upbeat, and engaging!

Podcast Recording Backup Challenges

Meiko uses Zoom for all her recordings. And while she hasn’t encountered any problems with the web conferencing platform, she prefers to have a backup in case something goes amiss.

I wanted to have a second device recording just in case something did not record properly,” Meiko explained.

She did an online search and found Fireflies.

Fireflies AI Zoom recording backup

More Than a Podcast Recording Backup

Automatically Generate Podcast Transcripts

Podcast transcripts are important when it comes to competing for audience attention on search engines. Search engines, such as Google, are better at scanning texts than audio. By having transcripts, your podcast can rank for keywords that you’re targeting.

Podcast transcripts can also serve as an alternative for your fans who prefer reading rather than listening to podcast episodes.

Whatever the reason is, Fireflies can generate podcast transcripts for you. You can do this in 3 easy steps:

  1. Log into your Fireflies account
  2. Click “Uploads”
  3. Drag and drop the file (MP3 or .WAV file format) to the “Uploads” area or click the upload icon to select the file

It typically takes 15 to 20 minutes for the podcast transcription to be processed. Here’s a nice-to-know technique: if you’re using Fireflies to record conversations, you can edit your transcript to train the system to record better.

Easily Create Better Podcast Show Notes

Well-crafted podcast show notes are your marketing magnet. The notes give your audience (potential and current) an idea of what they can expect from a particular episode. They have to be enticing and engaging enough for the audience to hit that play button.

Podcast show notes must be information-rich to catch the attention of your target audience, and Fireflies can help you with this. You can easily extract key components of a podcast episode by using the Smart Search or Transcript Tab search bar features in Fireflies Notepad.

Sentiment analysis is another Fireflies advantage that interviewers can find useful. By checking “Sentiments,” you can gauge how your interviewee feels about the interview. Is it positive, negative, or neutral?    

"I wanted to have a second recording device just in case something did not record properly. I use Fireflies as a backup for my recordings. After the recording, I instantly get an email with the recording."

-Meiko S. Patton, Owner of Clubhouse Lead Gen Podcast

Got a podcast? Learn more about how Fireflies can help your top-notch podcast episodes get visibility by generating podcast transcriptions.

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