How Fireflies Help equalityMD Drive Meeting Engagement Through Automated Meeting Transcription
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How Fireflies Help equalityMD Drive Meeting Engagement Through Automated Meeting Transcription

Arlen Cruz

Accurate meeting notes are essential for record-keeping and for remembering important details that can be referenced later on. But taking meeting notes manually is not always reliable. It’s easy to miss out on key information when doing so.

That’s just one of the problems equalityMD was having before they started using Fireflies. We’ll talk more about that later.

First, let’s learn more about equalityMD and how stories of LGBTQ+ patients prompted Justin Ayars, the founder of equalityMD and a healthcare trial lawyer, to create a positive change.

About equalityMD

Like many impactful businesses, equalityMD went through innovative pivots. It started as an LGBTQ+ multimedia/marketing company (Q Media) before shifting to an LGBTQ+ consumer behavioral data analytics company (Equality Rewards).

When the founder learned about the stories of LGBTQ+ patients who were looking for inclusive doctors and vice versa, he turned Equality Rewards into equalityMD—a multi-awarded telemedicine and wellness portal for the LGBTQ+ community.

The company created an “inclusive, personalized, healthcare ecosystems for the underrepresented LGBTQ+ community.” It aims to solve significant healthcare problems faced by the LGBTQ+ community, one of which is healthcare discrimination.

The platform provides professional healthcare services to LGBTQ+ people. It also has a marketplace that offers health and wellness products made by the LGBTQ+ community.

Website: equalityMD

Industry: Healthcare

Problems with Taking Accurate Meeting Notes and Staying Engaged in the Meeting at the Same Time

The equalityMD team continuously pulls in different vendors and partners as they move the company forward and effect significant change within the LGBTQ+ community.

Meetings and discussions with the new vendors and partners needed to be covered for future reference, and taking down minutes manually were not cutting it for the team. Keeping track of the discussions and jotting notes was distracting.

For a successful meeting, all participants need to be fully engaged. But it’s difficult to stay engaged and decipher what the speaker is saying quickly enough to write it all down. You’ll end up constantly asking the speaker to repeat a phrase you’ve missed, making the meeting longer than it should.

Fortunately, one of Rachel Amie’s co-workers recommended Fireflies, and they decided to give it a try. Eliminates Unproductive Multitasking During Meetings

Multitasking can sometimes be detrimental to productivity according to Cleveland Clinic.

Dividing one’s attention across different activities strains the brain because people are hardwired to focus on one thing at a time.

Given that information, it was not surprising at all when the equalityMD team realized that they needed help with taking notes. On the contrary, it was a smart move.

So what’s the verdict?

With the help of Fireflies, it's now possible for the equalityMD team to really engage during meetings and have accurate meeting notes at the same time.

Fred, our AI meeting assistant, aces note-taking during meetings through automatic transcription. That’s just one of Fireflies' features.

Fireflies can accurately transcribe 2 types of meetings:

  1. A live, ongoing meeting
  2. An audio file of a meeting that’s been uploaded to Fireflies

You can have video files sitting in your Google Drive (or any cloud-storage system that integrates with Zapier) transcribed by Fireflies.

Watch the video below to learn the step-by-step process on how to do it:

Here Are Some Helpful Tips on How to Get the Best Output

Make sure that…

  • You speak clearly and concisely during the meeting
  • There’s not too much ambient noise
  • You are using a good microphone

Here’s another Fireflies transcription feature that will make your experience better. You can use the custom vocabulary feature to enter proper nouns and phrases you often use. You can do this by configuring your Fireflies settings at

Fred will learn those words and produce an outcome that’s specific to your needs. The custom vocabulary feature is available for the Pro and Business tier subscribers.

Learn more about how Fireflies can help make your meetings more efficient.

“We are pulling in new vendors and partners all the time, and we use Fireflies to keep accurate notes while we talk so we aren't distracted”

-Rachel Amie, equalityMD’s Director of Partnership and Alliance

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