Fireflies Boosts Moment Sales' Clients Learning Retention
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Fireflies Boosts Moment Sales' Clients Learning Retention

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

Walter Roth, Founder of Moment Sales, remembers how he fell in love with Fireflies when it appeared as the perfect solution to the problems they were facing with their client's coaching retention. He shared exactly how Fireflies helped them provide a much better service and became an essential for their clients.

About Moment Sales

Moment Sales is a sales agency for founders and founding teams. Walter Roth is the founder and head sales coach and founder coach. They work with founders, sales teams and investors of tech companies to help solve sales and scaling sales problems and achieve better alignment across Sales, Marketing and Product Management teams.

They don't focus on sales training or time-intensive sales consultancy projects. Instead, they focus on immediate results by delivering the coaching in a pipeline review format that unlocks a team's sales capability.

Their specialty is turning non-sales founders (e.g., tech founders) into sales founders using their scientific approach to sales.

Walter Roth, Founder of Moment Sales
Walter Roth, Founder of Moment Sales


When they coach, they want people to be completely present and in the moment to maximize learning. However, clients were worried they wouldn't retain the insights they were having during pipeline reviews and thus asked them to slow down and repeat often.

Walter is also going to write a sales book so he also needed to capture great content that naturally arises that could be later used as fodder for the book. He believes that the best content comes from real-world scenarios. And that sitting down to write a book from scratch is really, really hard.

So we started to have attend each meeting so clients felt confident that they would be able to review what they learned after pipeline review sessions. The transcriptions would allow them to quickly find the gold nuggets and also to keep notes for specific deals that were discussed.

Impact of the Problem

Moment Sales' entire business model relies on immediate results that are measurable and sustainable. They have a high hourly rate and monthly minimum that is only possible when they demonstrate that they unlock sales capability across a team. That capability becomes a part of the team's DNA when Walter is not there and long after the engagement has ended.

The gap in retention faced by the clients was causing an issue in their service quality. They were also missing out on important information in their internal discussions.

Initially, Walter wondered if he should try a bunch of different tools and decide on one. He was initially using Voicea, but after Cisco bought it, he had to archive all his data in a drive. This was an extra process that he had to go through. He also found Voicea confusing in terms of sharing and who he was sharing with. Migrating from Voicea to Fireflies proved to be the solution that he was looking for.


Moment sales uses fireflies to improve their client retention

Someone suggested Fireflies to Walter and he loved the onboarding process. Adding audio recording and transcriptions addressed not just the retention problem but also the "follow up integrity" problem. Not only do people review what was learned to make it stick, but they also have a record of example emails and phrases that were shared with them during the discussion.

This means that their follow up on deals is sharper and there isn't value leakage that is common when you have long pipeline reviews and several deals discussed quickly one after the other.

Lastly, as sales problems are identified and solved, Walter also identifies Marketing and Product Management problems. Having recordings and transcription allows him to share, with Marketing and Product Management teams, actual deal data that can inform their process in better supporting the sales team.


Their clients are now calmer during sessions as they know they'll have access to the recording and notes. Clients have better followup as they can refer to specific ideas/phrases that Walter helped them with while discussing specific deals.

When Walter sits down to write his book and nothing comes to mind, he now reviews transcripts and has a rush of ideas and content that makes the writing process fun, enjoyable and fruitful.

If I don't share the recording right away, clients will hound me as it has become essential for their follow up and digestion of the gold nuggets received in the pipeline reviews.

- Walter Roth, Founder of Moment Sales

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