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Fireflies Helps Jackeline Palma of CircaGene Manage Multiple Roles With Ease

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

Jackeline Palma, COO and Founder of CircaGene, discussed how fireflies helped her become more productive and manage her role as PM and COO effortlessly, and allowed to handle her meetings more efficiently.

About CircaGene

CircaGene is building the future of genetic testing. They provide a platform where users can order personal genetic tests with total privacy, with actionable results to reduce health Risk and optimize lifestyle. They are the first world's incognito DNA Test.

CircaGene provides End-to-end Encryption guaranteeing that only the user can have access to his results, protecting his Genetic Privacy by innovative methods and always looking for the personalized genetic report.

They believe in disease prevention and prevention is the key to the future!

Jackeline Palma, COO and Founder of CircaGene
Jackeline Palma, COO and Founder of CircaGene


Jackeline is a Certified Project Manager that spent a great deal of her professional life taking minutes and recording it all on every single meeting-iteration, etc. However, when she founded her start-up, she realised that resources are limited and she started feeling a challenge in doing the role of both - PM and COO.

Impact of the Problem

Project Managers and C-Level daily life is a combination for a lot of people, but using her time at the simultaneous roles in a meeting was becoming challenging for Jackeline. In her brain, she has to be focused on what she writes but at the same time she has to chair the meeting. In fact, some ideas even escaped from her the minute was over.


Circagene use Fireflies to manage multiple roles

Jackeline found Fireflies while looking for solutions on Google. She initially wasn't sure if she wanted to spend on a tool since she is just starting up. But once she took the demo, she knew that this is the tool she has been looking for.


Fred has made it easier for Jackeline to attend multiple meetings in multiple roles. She now saves a lot of time. She has become more productive and feels that she uses her time better now.

Fred is helping me capturing it all without worrying how, what, and if I have my note correct. Cause I check later!

- Jackeline Palma, COO and Founder of CircaGene

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