Fireflies Helped Zenatta Save Time with Each Customer Call
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Fireflies Helped Zenatta Save Time with Each Customer Call

Melody Ocumen

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Tyler Colt, Vice President at Zenatta Consulting talks about how Fireflies helped their company collect customer insights from their meetings with their customers.


Zenatta Consulting is a Zoho and CRM consulting firm that helps customers customize and adopt software solutions to drive their sales efforts. Tyler Colt runs the development team and manages their implementation process.

Tyler Colt, Vice President at Zenatta Consulting
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Zenatta regularly uses GoToMeeting to run screen shares but found that they weren't capturing all of the information they needed from their meetings. They used GoToMeeting recordings, but without transcription, they were left listening through long recordings to capture and document customer insights and action items.


It was slowing down our discovery process, as we didn't have a great tool for quickly parsing through our meetings. This left us reliant on long recordings of meetings as our historical record of discovery.


Fireflies + Zenatta Consulting

Zenatta found Fireflies on Google while they were searching for a tool that they could integrate into their Google Calendar and GoToMeeting set-up for running their client meetings. They found Fireflies and they decided to use it because it had the best integration with their meeting software. It also had both the recording and transcription functionality that they were looking for.


Fireflies helped Zenatta save time for each of their client meetings and it helped improve their ability to collect insights from their calls with customers.

It saves us about 30 minutes for each 60 minute meeting. It saves us this time because we can quickly search through a transcription of a meeting, rather than listening through a recording to review action items.

-Tyler Colt, Vice President at Zenatta Consulting

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