Fireflies Solutions: Call Recording & Transcription

Fireflies Solutions: Call Recording & Transcription

Krish Ramineni
Krish Ramineni

At the base level of the Fireflies offering is the ability to turn audio to text at high levels of accuracy. Fireflies can automatically record meetings on various web-conferencing platforms and transcribe meetings.

You can also upload audio files to transcribe mp3 to text. Fireflies provides automated transcription powered by our AI assistant Fred which uses the latest breakthroughs in voice recognition and speech text models.

Unlike other transcription services that charge a high amount per minute, Fireflies provides high levels of accuracy with our subscription plan. Learn more here.

Currently, English transcription is supported. If you require transcription for other languages that are on our roadmap, reach out to us over live chat on our website.

We also have a plethora of integrations so that you can transcribe meetings from various platforms as well as route meeting notes to your CRMs and other apps.

Record & Transcribe Zoom Meetings

Record & Transcribe Google Meet Meetings

Record & Transcribe GoToMeeting Meetings

Record & Transcribe Skype for Business Meetings

+ many more

A wide variety of people use our call transcription solutions across a variety of domains.

Who Uses Fireflies Call Transcription

  1. Sales Reps
  2. Recruiters
  3. Customer Success Managers
  4. Managers & Executives
  5. Agencies: Consultants
  6. Education: Students & Professors
  7. Enterprise Teams: Call Centers, Sales Organizations, etc

What Are The Different Use Cases For Fireflies

  1. Discovery & Qualification Calls
  2. Product Demos
  3. Closing Sales Calls
  4. Candidate Interviews
  5. Client Kickoff Calls
  6. Coaching & Consulting Sessions
  7. Internal Meetings
  8. User Interviews
  9. Lectures & Presentations

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