Gong vs. Chorus.ai: Which One Can Deliver More Sales Wins?
Sales Conversation Intelligence

Gong vs. Chorus.ai: Which One Can Deliver More Sales Wins?


If you're reading this, chances are that you're interested in boosting your sales team performance and streamlining the process with AI tools.

Gong and Chorus.ai are two popular AI-powered sales tools that have gained traction recently and are obviously on your radar.

But, before making a purchase decision, you want to ensure that you've done your research and considered the pros and cons of each tool. And we're here to help you do it!

So, let's dive in and explore the differences between Gong and Chorus.ai and see which could better fit your team.

Gong vs. Chorus

What exactly do Gong and Chorus.ai do?

Gong and Chorus AI are conversation intelligence platforms that use AI-driven technology to analyze and identify key insights from sales calls.

It provides insights on various aspects like:

  • Topics discussed
  • Speech patterns
  • Questions asked
  • Customer objections
  • Customer sentiment

While Chorus.ai identifies itself as a Conversation Intelligence software, Gong positions itself as a Revenue Intelligence Software, which marks the key difference between the two.

What's revenue intelligence software, and how is it different from conversation intelligence software?

Revenue intelligence software goes beyond conversation intelligence by capturing and analyzing marketing activities in addition to sales and customer conversations. It provides sales insights by collecting and analyzing data from all customer-facing teams, bridging the gap between marketing and sales for faster growth strategies and to improve sales.

Gong vs. Chorus - Revenue Intelligence

Is either of them actually revenue intelligence software?

Although over the last few years, Gong has repositioned itself as revenue intelligence software and is highly rated on sites like G2 in the category, it still lacks what some would say are essential features of a revenue intelligence tool, such as marketing activities. However, it covers many sales and revenue-driven features such as deal intelligence, sales coaching, data sourcing for sales analytics, and sales management.

While Chorus focuses on conversation intelligence, they are headed toward the revenue intelligence trajectory by adding features like "deals progression" very similar to Gong.

Gong vs. Chorus.ai: Which one should you choose?

Regardless of their re-branding, Gong and Chorus are still two of the most well-known platforms in the conversation intelligence market. They both have similar product offerings and features, so it can be hard to choose one over the other, but this information should help!

Gong vs. Chorus - Comparision chart

Key factors to consider when choosing between Gong and Chorus

1. Features

Both Gong and Chorus provide valuable features for improving sales performance and customer interactions. Gong is known for its advanced analytics, performance metrics, and real-time coaching and feedback for sales reps, as well as integrations with a wide range of sales and marketing tools.

Meanwhile, Chorus offers conversation intelligence capabilities, automatic note-taking, and real-time guidance and feedback during sales calls. They offer features to help sales teams improve their performance, such as:

  • Identifying common objections
  • Tracking competitor mentions
  • Providing real-time coaching and feedback
  • Recording and transcribing sales calls

Ultimately, the better platform will depend on an organization's specific needs and priorities, and budget. Both of these platforms can be a bit pricey.

Gong vs. Chorus - Features

2. Ease of use

Customers have given high ratings to both Gong and Chorus on the G2 platform, and they are both considered market leaders with thousands of customers. One important factor for customers is an easy-of-use product that doesn't require a lot of technical expertise to set up or make changes to.

Interestingly, Gong and Chorus are among the top 20 easiest-to-use conversational intelligence software on G2. However, Gong is ranked higher at #7, while Chorus is at #15.

Gong vs. Chorus - Ease of use ranking

3. Pricing

Gong and Chorus don't openly share their prices, which is pretty common for mid-market and enterprise companies. But after some digging, we found out that, on average, customers are paying $1400 per seat per year with Gong and $1200 per seat per year with Chorus.

According to G2, Gong offers a free trial, while Chorus does not. However, they both do offer free demos, so we suggest taking advantage of that and asking the sales reps for all the details about their annual plans.

Gong vs. Chorus - Pricing

4. Future-proof

Future-proofing is an important consideration when evaluating conversation intelligence tools like Gong or Chorus AI. These platforms are constantly evolving to keep pace with new developments in AI technology and changing customer expectations. And you want to ensure that whatever tool you choose can keep up with your company's growth and changing needs.

Right now, both Gong and Chorus AI are focused on revenue and sales functions, serving mid-market and enterprise clients, which might be exactly what you need at the moment. However, if those needs change then you'll want to ensure that you have a tool that allows some flexibility, which their pricing models do not provide. But that's where Fireflies.ai comes in.

Fireflies.ai offers an alternative solution that won't break the bank. For just $10 a month, you can upgrade from their free plan and get the conversation intelligence tools you need. It's an affordable option that allows you to future-proof your business needs.

Final word

Gong vs. Chorus - Final word

The Gong vs. Chorus debate is a little tricky to resolve as both are good tools with numerous positive customer reviews and very similar functionality. The main difference we see is with its positioning.

Chorus positions itself as a Conversational Intelligence platform focusing on building stronger relationships and acquiring unbiased market intelligence, whereas Gong is all about sales coaching and revenue intelligence. Both tools are appreciated by their customers and are also known for being enterprise-oriented.

While customers generally find Gong to be more user-friendly and appreciate its comprehensive sales tools suite, it does come with a slightly higher price tag compared to Chorus.

Consider a more affordable and simpler alternative

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Both Chorus and Gong are focused on sales and revenue intelligence, and both can deliver sales wins. However, if you're you're looking for a more streamlined conversation intelligence tool to enhance your meetings, keep track of important conversations with customers or clients, and stay organized look no further!

Fireflies is a conversation intelligence tool aimed to help you boost meeting productivity and improve collaboration within your company with features like:

  • Video and audio recording
  • High-quality transcription
  • AI-assisted note-taking
  • Conversational Analytics & Smart Search
  • Topic tracking

It easily integrates with platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

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