Fireflies For Sales Managers: Close More Deals Faster
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Fireflies For Sales Managers: Close More Deals Faster

Brian Kremer

A life in sales is driven and measured by targets.

Your yearly targets trickle down to quarterly and daily tasks that must be ticked off to ensure success. It is tough.

But as with any problem, there are tools available that can save your day. It's only a matter of knowing which one to use. is one such tool. Here are some of the things that this AI Notetaker and Conversation Intelligence software can do to make your sales teams successful.

1. Create a Winning Sales Team

“People buy from people they know, like, and trust” ~ Bob Burg.

Trust is the cornerstone of selling. The very essence of a successful sale depends on the sales reps’ ability to build trust with the client.

Yet, according to a study, two-thirds of buyers rated salespeople as poor or average for different reasons.

Some of the reasons include sales agents not listening to their problems and pressuring them to make a purchase. And to top it all, the average close rate across all industries is only 19%.

Sales managers can do their bit by providing continuous coaching to sales reps to help them have trusting relationship with clients.

Continuous coaching can increase net sales by 50% per rep. But as a sales manager, finding time for coaching isn't easy, especially when you are juggling multiple things.

Fireflies’ Conversation Intelligence feature provides sales managers can see how their sales teams' are performing at a glance.

What are the would-be customers saying? What are their doubts, objections, pain points? Are your sales reps listening? How can they address these better?  

You can see these and more in your Fireflies dashboard.  Here are a couple of data that you will see in your dashboard.

a. The total number of conversations

Outbound calls are one of the most critical touchpoints in SDRs outreach. According to studies, it takes 18 or more calls to talk to a prospect.

Another study claims that 93% of converted leads are reached by the 6th call attempt.

Long story short, cold calling and regular follow ups are undeniably essential to B2B sales. They matter a great deal.

With Fireflies Conversation Intelligence, you can check if your sales team is reaching out to prospects by reviewing the total number of conversations and follow ups—have they increased or decreased?

Fireflies conversation Intelligence: total number of conversations

b. Saying the right things

Active listening is important in sales—no doubt about that. In fact, 69% of buyers cited “listening to my needs” as the top thing a sales rep should do to improve the sales experience.

Talking more is not bad, either. Allow us to repeat that again: talking more is not a bad thing.

It really depends on the nature of your conversations. As a sales manager, you can use Fireflies Speaker Analytics to avoid guessing who’s talking or listening more or less. You can see these, and they are expressed in percentages.

For instance, when someone books a demo, that person expects you to walk him through the nuts and bolts of your product, right? Naturally, you’ll talk more than listen during this sales discovery call.

Let’s say your SDR is talking 80% of the time during a demo. The next question is: is your SDR saying the right things?

Is the product’s positioning clear? Is she matching the value proposition to the prospect’s specific problem?

Again, you can see this in your dashboard by clicking the speaker’s name. The system will pull up everything that your SDR said during the call.

Great, right? But how do you know if the prospect is warming up? This brings us to the next Fireflies feature: Sentiment Analysis.

c. Identifying buyer-ready prospects through sentiments

Fireflies analyzes words in post-meeting transcripts to understand how the prospect feels. You can filter your transcripts based on these sentiments.  

Why is this important? From this you can assess which reps are resonating well with their prospects.

Conversation intelligence and sentiment analysis

By analyzing sentiments, you can determine if the interaction was positive, negative, or neutral.

In situations where the prospects repeatedly have a high positive percentage, it could mean they're interested in learning more about your product.

It could also mean that you have a higher chance closing that deal. As a sales managers, you can identify such calls and ask your SDRs to prioritize such leads and ensure timely follow-ups.

Alternatively, they can pass the prospect to an account executive to further nurture the lead and eventually close the deal.

In short, you and your reps can focus on the right deals within your pipeline. Know which ones to pursue and, painful as it is, when to let go.

Remember these wise words: "You may not be everyone's cup of tea, but you are definitely someone's whiskey."

d. Average filler words used by a rep

Seasoned sales managers know that confidence goes a long way in sales. Your prospects have doubts, concerns, and worries about your product. And if you cannot transfer your confidence in the product to them, things can quickly go south.

The excess use of filler words can cause folks to question your credibility. Using filler words is not entirely negative. Sometimes sales reps are just distracted or anxious.

Another good thing about using filler words is that it will give you some time to process a question before responding.

With Fireflies Conversation Intelligence for sales teams, you can see the number of filler words your team uses. You can coach your reps to use less.

Improve your baseline each month until your reps can make flawless sales pitches. The kind of sales pitch so good that an Eskimo will feel that buying that ice is such an honor and a privilege.

e. The number of questions asked during a call

Your sales start and stop at the prospect. You need to ask them a lot of questions to identify their requirements.

Asking questions in sales is, without a doubt, important. It lets you demonstrate your expertise, understand your prospects' needs, and connect with them.

Even though you may be asking several qualifying questions, studies show that only 13% of customers believe a salesperson can understand their requirements.

Sales managers know that asking the right questions, listening, and addressing those questions properly can change this.

How many and what type of questions did each of your sales reps ask? Are they relevant to what the prospect needs?

You can include collating common questions prospects ask to create an effective sales playbook with a better Q&A guide.

Fireflies Conversation Intelligence number of questions asked

f. Better sales enablement materials

With conversation intelligence for sales, sales managers can track important topics or keywords such as your product's features, competitors, price, and objections.  

For example, you can track when someone mentions your competitors during a call. How well do your sales reps handle that?

What are their common responses when a prospect asks, "give me one good reason why you're better than your competitor"?

With custom topic tracking, you can add keywords specific to your industry or domain in the system.

When drilling into these topics, you can take a proactive approach in addressing your prospects' concerns, create content for enablement purposes, and improve your win rate.

g. Silence duration

Being a persuasive salesperson involves many skills. But one of the most underrated skills is knowing when to stop talking.

Active listening is vital to a sales team's success, true. But so is silence.

Knowing when to stay quiet during a sales call can give you a good advantage. When used correctly, it can help you get better information from prospects and give you more time to craft a response.

If you don't take silent pauses to reflect on what the prospect said, your default is to respond. And sometimes, the response is a half-baked solution to an important problem.

Sales managers can see the silence duration of their reps in your Fireflies dashboard. Again, you can tie this to sales pitch effectivity.

Is having a longer silence duration helping Monifa—your five-star BDR of the year? Or is it hurting Joe—your hardworking-but-just-out-of-luck account executive?

Equipped with this information, you can get a deeper understanding of things and provide the necessary personalized coaching.

Fireflies Conversation Intelligence: silence duration

2. Automatically Log Sales Calls Into Your CRM

Manually logging sales call logs into CRMs is one of the things salespeople dislike about their job. No surprise there. It's tedious and time-consuming. Sales managers know that very well.

But it's necessary, and someone has to do it. Unfortunately, that someone is your sales rep.

Your sales rep no longer has to waste their precious time doing it manually. Integrating your CRM with Fireflies can automatically log sales calls to the appropriate contacts.

With Fireflies, your team can build a data-rich CRM with all your notes, transcripts, and meeting recordings under the right contact for effective follow-ups.

It will help your sales team focus less on time-consuming, and, let’s face it, painstaking tasks and more on closing deals.

Using Fireflies integration with CRMs is an excellent way to boost productivity, make transcripts easily accessible, ensure timely data entry, and better follow-ups.

Fireflies integrates with around 50 apps, including CRM, dialers, web conferencing tools, communication apps, and calendars. It automates call recording and logging with popular CRMs such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Freshsales.

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3. Build Better Rapport With Your Prospects

An average B2B sales agent makes around 35 calls a day. And while talking, a sales rep does multiple things, like building rapport, modifying the sales pitch, and asking the right questions.

It's easy to miss a few words and misunderstand positive or negative signals in such a scenario.

Sales managers can stay fully engaged in conversations and never miss any critical information with Fireflies AI notetaker.

Fireflies' notetaker bot, Fred, will record, accurately transcribe, and analyze the meetings you've invited him to. You can configure this on your Settings.

  • Fred can automatically join all calendar events with web-conference links
  • Only join calendar events you own
  • Join calendar events only when you invite Fred

Those using company email addresses have more options on how Fred will join.

You have the option to send the meeting recap to only you, everyone on the meeting invite list, or to you and your teammates. You can configure this in your autojoin settings.

You can find your meeting transcripts in your Fireflies Notebook. These transcripts are time-stamped and linked with the meeting recording so that you can quickly sift through your rep's meetings and give feedback.

It eliminates manual note-taking so that your reps can focus on what's being said, close more deals and attain quota goals.

How to Invite the Fireflies AI Notetaker to Your Meetings
Read this guide to understand various ways to invite the Fireflies AI notetaker to your meetings. Join settings | Calendar Invites | Add to Live.

4. Close More Deals by Knowing How Your Prospects Feel

Emotions and sentiments are not the same. If a user is happy with your product or service, that’s an emotion. But if the user is impressed with your product, that’s a sentiment they have towards it.

Emotions are easy to detect from tone and voice, but sentiments can be tricky. Fortunately, technology can help identify sentiments during meetings and translate your gut feeling into facts.

Sentiment analysis is a part of Fireflies’ Conversation Intelligence suite of features that identifies negative, positive, or neutral sentiments in a call.

Analyzing sentiments in a transcript can help your reps prioritize leads to close more business or identify happy customers for upselling or cross-selling.

For example, if your rep’s transcript is more than 50% positive, it could mean that the user is happy and may do business with your organization or that a customer is satisfied with your product and can purchase more in the future.

Sentiment analysis can also be used to score and prioritize leads for follow ups. If the sentiment during calls is repeatedly positive, the salesperson can follow up and hand it over to an account executive for further nurturing.

In case the transcript is more negative or neutral, your rep can deprioritize such leads. Browse through transcript sections that are marked as negative or neutral to determine patterns that trigger those emotions, take appropriate actions and make changes across your sales playbook to close more deals.

5. Quickly Track Sales Information

Your pre-recorded VOIP calls are a goldmine of information. But extracting small yet critical information from them means listening to hour-long, or even days of, conversations. That's a laborious job only a few Bravehearts can do.

Call transcripts offer an excellent way to extract essential information in a quick, insight-driven manner. With Fireflies, you can search specific keywords, mentions, phrases, topics, or speakers in the transcript and even listen to it 2x faster.

Fireflies' Smart Search features like AI Filters and Topic Tracker highlight important aspects of a meeting and make information readily available.

Once your meeting is over, AI Filters will show you the key details of the meeting, including dates and times, action items, pricing questions, and tasks.

Sentiment Analysis: Smart Search

For example, you want to search your Fireflies automated transcript whenever price is mentioned during your call.

You can quickly filter it out by clicking the Pricing button under AI Filters. Doing so will automatically pull up every part of the call where price was mentioned. Convenient, right?

Another way to quickly review sales conversations is by using Topic Tracker. You can create custom topics and keywords so that you can filter through your meetings faster.

Create the topic name in Topic Tracker. Think of the topic name as a heading or an umbrella term.

Fireflies Topic Tracker

For instance, you can add Buying Signals as a topic, then add Payment, Discounts, and Customer Service as keywords.

Once done, the topic and the number of times these keywords are mentioned will be visible in each meeting transcript.

It will help you analyze sales conversations by accurately pinpointing when your reps are moving interactions toward closing the deal and when they aren’t.

Fireflies Feature Focus: Smart Search
Scan through transcripts faster and better with Smart Search! Plus know more about its cool features like AI Filters, Sentiment Analysis, and Topic Trackers.

6. Boost Sales Team Collaboration

One of your job as a sales manager is to review your team's calls. While listening to your team's calls, you stumbled upon a game-changing information that will help everyone on your sales team close deals faster.

Good for you.

You can create a soundbite of that specific part of the call, and send it to anyone who will benefit from it.

To create a soundbite, just highlight a particular section of the meeting and click Create.  Once the soundbite is ready, you can share the Soundbite link to anyone in almost any platform.

Fireflies soundbites

Fireflies Feature Focus: Soundbites
Fireflies’ Soundbites feature lets you create, extract and share short audio clips from the most meaningful part of an hour-long meeting.

Another collaboration feature of Fireflies is Threads. You can leave and reply to comments about the meeting in this section.

Let's say you think one of your sales reps can do better in making the product's position clear during a conversation with a prospect.

Fireflies Thread

You can highlight that specific portion of the transcript, then add it to Threads. You can then say something like, "I think it would be better if you said..."

Fireflies Feature Focus: Thread
With the Thread feature, you can annotate the most important sections of your meeting for better collaboration and clear communication.

Final Thoughts

AI notetaker and conversation intelligence software like Fireflies is more than just a call monitoring tool. It makes your business more customer-centric by providing insights into calls that improve your future sales conversations.

As a result, sales managers get a rock-solid team of BDRs, SDRs, and AEs, a better pipeline of qualified leads, a faster ways to close deals, a higher closing ratio, improved revenue performance, and business growth.

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