Guardhat Uses Fireflies to Build Customer Trust
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Guardhat Uses Fireflies to Build Customer Trust

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

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David Camm, IIOT Deployment Engineer at Guardhat discussed how Fireflies helped them look even more professional and win the trust of their customers.

About Guardhat

Guardhat develops advanced protective helmets — smart hardhats-active tags and 3rd party IOT devices. These incorporate sensors and peer-to-peer connectivity for real-time situational awareness, social distancing with contact tracing, through their Patented Kyra Ai- Big-Data-iIOT Platform.

Followed by breakthrough, hyper-accurate and dependable RTLS geolocation software that works beyond GPS, and ultimately leading to KYRA, their premier IoT platform forever changes how data is analyzed and utilized, turning it into actionable intelligence.

They have developed a system that collects and analyzes data to improve industrial productivity and safety, while also detecting, alerting and helping prevent hazardous industrial work-related incidents. A system that keeps you connected all the time.

It is the world’s first and only comprehensive system of its kind. And while it is years ahead, this is just the beginning of Guardhat’s data technology revolution.

David Camm, IIOT Deployment Engineer at Guardhat
David Camm, IIOT Deployment Engineer at Guardhat


They wanted to keep a track of all the key tasks, commitments and projects. Scheduling and attending several conference calls per day was making it difficult to do so.

Impact of the Problem

Some of the note-taking was not accurate or was missed due to trying to participate in the meeting as well as simultaneously writing down key points and project objectives.


Guardhat Uses Fireflies to Achieve Professionalism and Build Customer Trust

They found Fireflies through social media, and instantly, David knew that this is the software solution he needed to speed up his volume of work to improve the company reputation, eliminate mistakes and keep projects on track to completion.

However, they were also wary of the security of the app initially. But our team quickly cleared their doubts by explaining that maintains an information security program that includes internal policies and procedures designed to secure data against accidental or unlawful loss, access or disclosure, identify to security and unauthorized access to systems, and minimize security risks, including risk assessment and regular testing.

Fireflies also implemented a feature that allowed them the freedom to set custom viewing permissions for their meetings. Additionally, Fireflies also give the user the option to purge user data.


They are now able to check back through the transcripts for accuracy, copy key tasks and observations to put into documentation and emails based exactly on the wording used during the conference calls. Fireflies also gives them greater professionalism, trust, and reliability of their customers.

Fireflies is all about making me, very swiftly, a better professional in helping our customers achieve their goals.

- David Camm, IIOT Deployment Engineer at Guardhat

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