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How Fireflies Helps Smartserv Make Better Decisions

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

Abhishek, Engineering Lead at SmartServ discussed how he was able to take better decisions at SmartServ with the help of Fireflies.

About SmartServ

SmartServ is a SaaS based company enabling the Non Desk workers with cutting edge technology to improve their efficiency.

Abhishek, Engineering Lead at SmartServ
Abhishek, Engineering Lead at SmartServ


Abhishek wanted to keep a track of his discussions, so that he could go over them later to take informed decisions. He couldn't find a tool that would meet his requirements.

Impact of the Problem

It was difficult for Abhishek to keep taking Notes during discussions.

Asking someone else to take notes of the discussion created a difference of perspective in what was important.

Due to this, Abhishek wanted a way to review meeting later on, so that he can have better understanding.


SmartServ Uses Fireflies to make better Decisions
SmartServ Uses Fireflies to make better Decisions

Abhishek found Fireflies while searching for a tool for meeting transcriptions, and after taking the demo, he understood that this is the tool that can aid him in his meeting notes.


Now, with Fireflies, I can keep a track of all the discussions and go over them again at a later point of time. This has helped me make better and informed decisions.

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