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How DepositFix Improved Their Business Decisions and Saved Time Using Fireflies

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

Denis Lunev, CEO at DepositFix shared how his team used Fireflies to better manage their time and focus on business decisions.

About DepositFix

DepositFix is a payment integration for HubSpot. It allows to accept payments using HubSpot forms and sync payment data with the CRM.

Denis Lunev, CEO at DepositFix
Denis Lunev, CEO at DepositFix


To keep track of the action items and key points, they record all the product demos with clients. Very often they have to get back to the recording to find what they were talking about.

Impact of the Problem

To find out what they were talking about, they had to re-watch the entire video or listen to the entire recording. However, this wasn't going well because re-watching videos to understand key points of the discussion is very time consuming. They wanted to spend their time on the action items right away.


Fireflies and DepositFix worked together for better time management
Fireflies and DepositFix worked together for better time management

Denis first came across Fireflies during a call with someone else. He saw the usage and benefits of the tool when the other person was using it and inquired about it. To his surprise, this was exactly the kind of tool he was looking for.


They were able to increase their efficiency and productivity when they started using Fireflies. The major benefit was that it integrated very well with the both tools that they use for demos: Zoom and HubSpot CRM

Now, with Fireflies, it's much easier to search/read through demo calls transcriptions, it simplified our sales process.

- Denis Lunev, CEO at DepositFix

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