How Flying V Group Saves More Than 3 Hours in Onboarding and Sales Meetings
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How Flying V Group Saves More Than 3 Hours in Onboarding and Sales Meetings

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

Robb Fahrion, Partner at Flying V Group, discusses how switching to Fireflies note-taker saved a lot of time in their sales process and elevated their service quality, resulting in happier customers.

About Flying V Group

Flying V Group is a full-scale digital marketing and advertising firm headquartered in Orange County, CA, and Phoenix, AZ. Their goal is to provide a comprehensive digital marketing and advertising strategy to their clients to increase their revenue.

Robb Fahrion, Partner at Flying V Group
Robb Fahrion, Partner at Flying V Group


As a digital marketing firm, part of their job is to gain a detailed understanding of their client's business before making recommendations or suggestions for services. They have multiple meetings with their clients for this purpose and after the meeting, they spend a lot of time writing down key points and managing the notes.

In doing so, many questions need to be answered to do the job the right way. This created an enormous amount of work regarding note-taking and transcription of calls for recall purposes.

Impact of the Problem

The note-taking requirement was so big and at the core of the company that the absence of suitable software for this purpose meant that they had to do things manually. This slowed them down tremendously.

After each call, they would need to recap everything into notes and could not get as much information because a lot of time was spent taking notes during the calls.


Flying V group uses note taker in their sales calls

Robb did his research for a software that could really help them and heard about fireflies through a colleague. He found it to be the perfect solution for their problems and quickly found the plan that suited them the best.

Moving to Fireflies was a seamless transition to their process since it didn’t require any installation and other complicated setups.


They save a lot of time during each meeting, and their clients also love the ability to receive the transcription and recording from the call for their own reference.

Seamless transition from manual notes to Fireflies note-taker enables the sales & marketing team at the Flying V Group to save more than 3 hours in each onboarding and sales process for new clients.

- Robb Fahrion, Partner at Flying V Group

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