How Futurosity Uses Fireflies to Get Accurate Transcriptions and Help Clients Grow Their Businesses
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How Futurosity Uses Fireflies to Get Accurate Transcriptions and Help Clients Grow Their Businesses

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

Robert Ellis, executive coach at Futurosity, shared how they use Fireflies for his clients as well as his personal goals. It helps him provide a much better customer service experience and also helps in writing his books.

About Futurosity

Robert works with leaders, from start-up entrepreneurs to C-level execs, to help them become better leaders, think more strategically, create high performing teams, foster future-friendly cultures, and deliver compelling presentations, including IPO roadshows.

Robert Ellis, executive coach at Futurosity
Robert Ellis, executive coach at Futurosity


Robert has clients all over the world and he coaches many of them over Zoom.

Most of his clients take notes during the sessions, but they still felt the need of having the recordings and transcripts for review. They felt that they were missing out on some information.

Robert also teaches other coaches how to do more powerful work, to love what they do, and make more money. He is also writing a book and he feels the need to have transcripts because a lot of the coaching is improvisational. With transcripts, he can go back to review the transcripts and edit them into articles and the draft of his book.

Impact of the Problem

Robert felt that he was losing a lot of the creative work he was doing in the moment in his coaching sessions. Some of his clients were also frustrated due to the loss of important information.

Not everyone is a great notetaker, taking notes during intense two-hour coaching sessions is a slog, and having the audio and transcripts was invaluable to many of them.


Due to a lot of competition in this space, Robert was concerned about the accuracy of the transcriptions, integration with Zoom, security, usability, flexibility, etc.


Robert's clients and students loved the experience of Fireflies. I've turned edited transcripts into posts. It's a huge time saver.

Fireflies creates accurate transcriptions for Robert, Coach at Futurosity, & his clients and students, helping them save time and grow in their businesses as successful leaders.

- Robert Ellis, executive coach at Futurosity

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