How Illio Increased Meeting Engagement and Actionable Insights Using Fireflies Note-taker
Customer Story

How Illio Increased Meeting Engagement and Actionable Insights Using Fireflies Note-taker

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

Simone Ishikawa, Advisor at Illio shared how they were able to increase meeting engagement in their company using Fireflies, which enabled better processes and follow ups with clients.

About Illio

Illio is a wealth investment platform for financial advisors and managers. It collates and tracks portfolio performance and does risk analysis against market data for better investment decisions. The founders are experts in this market, and Simone is responsible for the commercialization of their products.

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  • Industry: Fintech


Their everyday work involves supporting clients who take high-risk decisions based on analytics for a large number of portfolios. The margin for error here is nil.

The company realized they were missing out on several crucial profitable actions due to ineffective note-taking during meetings. Many follow-ups were lost during discussions, and meeting engagement was low.

Impact of the Problem

They were taking a lot of notes manually, resulting in clutter and unorganized collaboration. Due to this,

  • A lot of information was lost while note-taking
  • Participants were not able to focus during the discussion
  • Managing all these notes in one centralized place became an arduous task


Simone found Fireflies on social media and was initially unsure if they really needed a new collaboration tool.

Fireflies turned out to be a perfect fit for their meeting workflow. They liked the convenience of automatically transcribing and capturing important points from meetings. The easy to use interface made Fireflies an essential part of their daily work.


They now record all their meetings with Fireflies and don’t have to worry about missed information.

"With automatic note-taking by Fireflies, the founders and business developers at Illio are now able to support advisors and wealth managers much better. We can help our clients make better investment decisions and also stay on top of all our follow ups."

- Simone Ishikawa, Advisor at Illio

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