How KeenCorp Rediscovered The Fun in Note-Taking With Fireflies
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How KeenCorp Rediscovered The Fun in Note-Taking With Fireflies

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

Viktor Mirovic, CFO at KeenCorp shared how Fireflies helped his company keep records of meetings and parse out useful content. He says Fireflies has increased work efficiency while making note-taking fun.

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KeenCorp has developed the first continuous, unbiased, unobtrusive management control system that uses natural language processing and deep learning technology to track and improve business performance in real-time whereby employee privacy is fully secured.

Viktor Mirovic, CFO at KeenCorp b.v.
Viktor Mirovic, CFO at KeenCorp b.v.
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KeenCorp works on a lot of technical processes, which requires many meetings and discussions for everyone to stay in the loop. They cannot afford to miss any information, however small it might seem.

They were using MS Teams to record these meetings. It did not meet their requirements fully as along with recordings of the proceedings they needed to take notes too to share later with the team. Transcribing notes from the MS Teams recordings was inconvenient and time-consuming.

Impact of the Problem

They were looking to streamline the process of sharing written records and action points of the discussions as the present system was causing issues in speed and efficiency.


Viktor came across Fireflies and decided to give it a try through a demo. He loved how smoothly it integrated with their tools and helped share content seamlessly.


They save a lot of time during each meeting, and their clients also love the ability to receive the transcription and recording from the call for their own reference.

KeenCorp experienced the fun in note-taking after switching from MS Teams recorder to Fireflies for streamlining the note-taking and content distribution process after each meeting

- Viktor Mirovic, CFO at KeenCorp b.v.

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