How Optimal X Uses Fireflies to Efficiently Coach its Remote Team
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How Optimal X Uses Fireflies to Efficiently Coach its Remote Team

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

Ali Macdonald, CEO of Optimal X talked about how Fireflies helped them create useful technical content and IP for their customers and increases efficiency of its team.

About Optimal X

Optimal X is a performance coaching and technology company specialising in cognitive and physical performance in high risk environment.

Ali Macdonald, CEO of Optimal X
Ali Macdonald, CEO of Optimal X


They had a lot of meetings with their clients and internally, and they took the meeting minutes manually, documenting everything after the meeting. This meant a lot of time went into this process and they had less time to focus on the actual work: understanding the client requirements based on the discussions, and providing them the best service possible.

Impact of the Problem

They wanted to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of people by reducing the effort of documenting the meeting separately. They were looking for a tool which could do that for them because they wanted to prioritise going back to read and decode what people have said since the stuff they work on is scientific and technical.


Ali found Fireflies through social media and decided to explore it. He found it to be perfectly suitable for their needs.


They record every meeting by default now and have used the transcripts to write meeting notes but more importantly we have used them to create content and IP alongside the videos / audio.

Fireflies drives better coaching for remote teams like Optimal X by automating documentation and content creation from meetings.

- Ali Macdonald, CEO of Optimal X

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