How to Generate More Recruitment Leads Through Video Marketing
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How to Generate More Recruitment Leads Through Video Marketing

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

HR professionals are constantly searching for new ways to streamline and optimize recruitment, especially since internal company growth and management hinges on this process.

In your role as a HR professional, you’ve likely mastered a few recruiting automation tools and know-how to detect and avoid common hiring mistakes.

While there’s nothing wrong with finding what works and sticking with it, it’s important to keep an adaptive mindset. Because, when it comes to recruitment, relying on the same tactics tends to yield the same results over time.

To give your company a competitive advantage in the job market, you have to think like a digital marketer.

This means making a few strategic changes to your outreach program and finding out how you can connect with more qualified prospects in less time (ultimately reducing time-to-hire).

To help you do just that, we’re sharing three ways you can attract and retain recruitment leads through video marketing.

Here’s Why Video Marketing Works

First things first: How important is video marketing for recruiters?

For one, a video is 1200% more shareable than both images and text. This means that when you create and distribute recruitment videos on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, you’re in a better position to connect with prospects outside of your reach.

(Keep in mind also that 92% of consumers watch and share videos on mobile devices, so producing mobile-friendly videos is extremely important.)

From a lead generation perspective, the majority of marketers (we’re talking 84%) claim that a video is an effective medium for making new, valuable contacts.

For recruitment purposes, short form videos can help you showcase your company’s culture and work environment beyond the job description.

This gives your company a competitive and unique advantage because it disrupts the monotonous cycle of reading through job description after job description. And chances are that your content will not be overlooked.

In the next sections, we’re breaking down three things every recruiter should do when producing and sharing videos.

How To Create Recruitment Videos That Drive Home Value Proposition

1. Invest in Quality Video Production

A common misconception about video marketing is that your team has to spend thousands of dollars on video production equipment and hire an experienced creative team to create quality content.

In all actuality, you can film, edit, and share recruitment videos with the resources you already have on hand and maybe a select few filming accessories.

If you have the bandwidth to invest in more expensive gear, a few staples to have on hand are a video camera, camera stabilizer (or tripod), lavalier mic, and some basic lighting equipment.

But, truth be told, you can create quality recruitment videos with a smartphone, an app like FiLMiC Pro, and a handheld stabilizer.

With whatever resources you bring into video production, you can capture the footage you need and then piece it all together in an editing software. Even if you’re unsure of some of the finer editing points, such as  how to add music to a video, a little bit of research will teach you everything you need to know.

2. Create Evergreen and Job-Specific Recruitment Videos

There are a few different approaches you can take when producing recruitment videos for your company. Most videos fall into two specific categories: evergreen content and job-specific content.

Here’s What We Mean by Evergreen Recruitment Videos

Evergreen videos like the one below give prospects a more general, big-picture idea of your company’s culture and work environment.

Fiverr’s recruitment video makes light of traditionally generic recruitment videos in a comedic and satirical way.

This approach is smart because it hooks the viewers’ interest right out of the gate and then uses this angle as an opportunity to emphasize why working for Fiverr is anything but generic.

An evergreen recruitment video could showcase your company’s founders and/or team members. This type of content is valuable because it doesn’t lose relevance once an open position is filled.

The intent here is to boost brand awareness and give prospects a better idea of whether or not your company would be a good career fit for them.

Tips For Creating Job-Specific Recruitment Videos

Job-specific recruitment videos are exactly what you might assume: videos curated for a certain open position at your company.

By creating this type of video, you can repurpose the copy from the job description and provide more details about the position.

If there’s a job opening in your company’s engineering department, you can take this opportunity to include the engineering manager and co-workers in the video.

It’s a simple but meaningful way to put a face to the name and show prospects who they would be working with every day if chosen for the role.

3. Make Every Channel a Recruitment Channel

Your team might devote hours or weeks into planning and producing recruitment videos, but if you’re not marketing these videos effectively, you might not generate as many leads as you want.

Herein lies the significance of a multi-channel marketing strategy.

By sharing your recruitment videos on various platforms — i.e., social media, websites, blogs, email, etc. — you’re able to broaden and diversify your prospect pool. And because video content is shareable, the news of the job opportunity can spread.

Not only do prospects find video more engaging than text, a recruitment video takes time to produce — a fact that isn’t lost on your video’s viewers.

When you take time to create this type of content, it signals to prospects that you take your hiring process seriously and are invested in finding the best person for the position.

Mackenzie is a copywriter at Soundstripe, a music licensing company that provides filmmakers, creators, and advertisers with royalty-free ambient music, among other genres.

This article is contributed by Mackenzie Scott.

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