How Helped Kynection Save Time Through Automated Extraction of Action Items
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How Helped Kynection Save Time Through Automated Extraction of Action Items

Manasvi Pawaria
Manasvi Pawaria

Courtney Smith, CEO of the tech solution company Kynection, talks about how adoption of helped them refine their meeting minutes with automatic extraction of action items and rich detailing.

About Kynection

Based in Australia, Kynection is an industry leader in technology solutions with a vision to turn most business systems, especially administrative ones, from “paper to glass”. Their goal is to convert all outdated business apparatus into intelligently connected devices with low code and mobile applications.

Courtney Smith, CEO of Kynection

Issues With Unsystematic Documentation of Meetings

Kynection provides “one system” solutions across various sectors, such as , manufacturing, transport, compliance, etc.

The team at Kynection manages numerous video calls in a day, both external and internal. The sheer volume of the calls results in hurried jotting down of points, which needed to be  combed through later to get the finer points that were sometimes altogether missed.

They urgently need an organized documentation of all client meetings to streamline their workflow

But this is difficult to achieve with scribbled notes and mislaid  information during calls. The team had a hard time recalling the meeting in required detail, and manual note-taking only provided so much help.

They realized they needed a more reliable and dependable way to host their meetings and record client interaction.

Choosing For Detailed Note-Taking

Kynection used fireflies meeting assistant to automatically transcribe meetings

Courtney found through social media and has been an active user since. With, the company saved on man-hours and energy spent extracting relevant information after each meeting. Their workload was further eased by:

Accurate Note-taking

Once invited to the meeting, Fred, our AI meeting assistant diligently pens down meeting minutes with brilliant accuracy and sends the copy of the transcript within minutes after the meeting concludes.

The transcript comes with automatically marked deadlines, timestamps and action items, which saves time and reduces physical work.

With the option of smart search, they can also conduct a keyword search to filter out relevant topics in the conversation instead of slaving through each and every paragraph.

Clean Indexing

Kynection is particularly thrilled about how minutely detailed and cleanly indexed all of their meetings are.

After all of their meetings, sends them the transcript with the date and timestamp. The 3000 minutes of storage (free version) provides them a space to store and archive their conversations.

Integrating with their Google and Outlook calendar allows Fred to auto-join all their meetings, without having to be manually invited each time.

So anytime they forget to invite Fred, they need not worry. He has them covered! The auto-join feature can be turned off in the setting.

User-friendly Interface

A common reason for hesitating when adopting any new technology is difficulty in navigating. They overcame this initial hiccup with’s user-friendly interface. The onboarding process is easy to navigate  with example scripts, menu bar and simply-worded instructions for all its unique functions.

The Advantage not only helped Kynection improve their meeting database but also helped with the management of information with automatic classification.

App Integrations: streamlines your workflow by integrating with numerous apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, etc.

Collaborate Better:

With the app, your team can collaborate on a single platform, which reduces follows-ups and jumping through different platforms.

Our team saves hundreds of hours with Fireflies automatic transcribing, recording and marking of action items. Fireflies also ties closely with our belief of utilizing intelligent technology to revamp business experience.

-  Courtney Smith, CEO of Kynection

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