Customer Story Uses Fireflies to Provide Exceptional Client Experience

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

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Kim, Customer Success Manager at talks about how Fireflies helped them become more accountable and deliver an exceptional client experience.

About Lunchbox is a collection of powerful digital ordering platforms for restaurants, built by restauranteurs. Working together with restaurant brands, they create beautiful white-label apps, web ordering, and in-restaurant kiosk systems that excite new and existing customers.

Kim is the customer success manager, who on-boards a client on the platform while providing a seamless customer journey.

Kim, Customer Success Manager at
Kim, Customer Success Manager at
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  • Industry: Software (Food Ordering Platform)


They constantly have on-boarding meetings at Lunchbox. They needed to streamline their note- taking process and wanted to be able to share it with their customers.

Impact of the Problem

Their note-taking process was completely manual, due to which they would sometimes miss out on important information during the meetings. Because of this, they couldn't refer back to it when needed.

Solution Uses Fireflies to Deliver An Exceptional Client Experience

They found Fireflies through HubSpot App Library , while looking for a solution to record their meetings. They went for the free trial to see if Fireflies met their expectations.


Now that Fireflies records the meetings, generates the transcript, and highlights the important information, it helps the employees at Lunchbox feel more accountable towards their work. This, in turn, has helped them deliver an exceptional experience to their clients.

Fireflies sounded too good to be true, but we completely loved it after the free trial!

- Kim, Customer Success Manager at

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