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Lunchpool Uses Fireflies to Keep Up With Deadlines

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

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Alex Abell, CEO of Lunchpool shares how they were able to become more organized and keep up with deadlines and action items using Fireflies.

About Lunchpool

Lunchpool allows users to easily network and build professional connections over the lunch break hour. This platform helps to easily find other coworkers and colleagues that can help the users be happier, healthier and more productive.

Alex Abell, CEO of Lunchpool
Alex Abell, CEO of Lunchpool


They struggled with having really impactful discussions in team meetings, while trying to keep up with notes and action items.

Impact of the Problem

It was causing the employees to lose important info, and was taking up a lot of time storing and organizing notes from all the team meetings that they were having.


Lunchpool Uses Fireflies to Become Organized and to Keep Up With The Action Items

Alex learned about from a friend. He recommended it as a way to keep up with all those juicy notes from meetings. He then decided to use it because of the transcription feature. If they wanted to listen to the call recaps or read them, they now had both options.


Initially, Alex wasn’t sure if Fireflies would handle what they wanted it to do, but now, after using Fireflies regularly for their meetings, they have been a lot more organized and it’s now easier than ever for the company to keep up with notes and action items.

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