How Meaningful Gigs Enhanced Asynchronous Call Updates Using Fireflies
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How Meaningful Gigs Enhanced Asynchronous Call Updates Using Fireflies

Arlen Cruz

Attending customer calls is a crucial part of growing a business. From these calls, team members can get valuable insights that help improve customer experience and move the business forward.

But finding the right time to join a live call from an already jam-packed calendar is difficult. This was one of the challenges that the Meaningful Gigs team was facing. They wanted complete information on every client call they missed due to other important off-site tasks. With Fireflies’ help, this dilemma has become a thing of the past.

About Meaningful Gigs

Meaningful Gigs matches businesses with talented African digital designers. The company has a large pool of untapped designers, and provides great customer service.

The designers at Meaningful Gigs go through an extensive vetting process that includes skill and empathy tests. They have on board UX Designers, UI Designers, Product Designers, Motion Designers, Graphic Designers, and Web Designers.

Aside from providing high-quality designs, what commends Meaningful Gigs is its commitment to take transformative steps to help the people in Africa.

The brand ensures that “every dollar you invest in beautiful design, you’re also investing in creating a job for a person in Africa. They get to invest in their community, while you get to make a global impact.”


Industry: Graphic Design

Meaningful Gigs’ Real-Time Client Call Problems

The Meaningful Gigs’ team members were having trouble joining in on live calls with current and prospective clients because they are often busy handling a myriad of tasks. The team knew that without an effective solution, they would miss out on valuable information from their clients.

Essential and vital information to propel the business forward was routinely being missed due to the team's inability to keep effective records of the long calls.

Something had to change, and fast. Enter Fireflies.

Enhancing Asynchronous Call Updates Using Fireflies

Fireflies makes it easy for a distributed workforce to be up-to-date on important details about a call they might have missed, and at their own pace.

Using the Smart Search area in Fireflies’ Notepad, the Meaningful Gigs team can now search for key topics discussed during a call. They can also filter out questions and tasks.

To extract valuable information, they can set up the Topic Trackers—a Fireflies feature for creating custom topics for efficient topic organization.

Why is this helpful? When someone’s pressed for time, they skim through vast reams of material, and most often, this leads to reduced comprehension. This is especially true for transcripts that have complex words or those with syntactic ambiguities. Searching for specific words or key phrases reduces errors.

More Meeting Problems, More Winning Solutions

And since Fireflies solves meeting problems on a broader scale, asynchronous call updates is not the only problem that Fireflies helped the team solve. Here are a few other call issues that Fireflies helped the Meaningful Gigs team resolve:

An Accurate Call Transcript

Having an error-free transcript from audio files is ideal for teams that are trying to gain insights into their clients’ expectations.

Fireflies provides accurate transcripts of meetings which can be shared with team members via email after the meeting's done.

Saves Time and Increases Productivity

Fireflies helps the Meaningful Gigs team members save time and focus on other meaningful tasks . The team can revisit the transcript at their own convenience and make better use of the information garnered.

Colleen says Fireflies saves her “at least 20 minutes per hour of calls.” Features like the adjustable playback speed makes this possible. Speeding up allows you to go through a call in a shorter period. With Fireflies, you can speed up the playback in 1.5x and 2x.

Making Client Calls More Meaningful

Fireflies allow the Meaningful Gigs team to focus on the call without the distraction of jotting down important minutes. They can easily focus on what the client’s saying knowing that Fred (Fireflies’ AI Meeting Assistant) is accurately taking notes for them.

As Colleen puts it, “We're also able to remain fully present when we're on calls, because we're not worried about taking notes for later.”

And that is one of the best ways to manage a limited session time with a client and to make them feel that they truly matter.

Using means that each of us can get what we need to do done, but still get the details we need from calls with current and potential clients.

Having the transcription and adjustable speed makes it quick and easy to get caught up and gather insights  instead of just having a video recording. We're also able to remain fully present when we're on calls, because we're not worried about taking notes for later.

- Colleen Shifflett, Meaningful Gigs' Marketing Manager

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