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Meetup Moguls Uses Fireflies to Provide Maximum Value to Their Customers

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

Staci I Moore, owner of MeetUpMoguls' shared her experience of using Fireflies to keep a track of their meet-ups and provide more value to their customers.

About MeetUpMoguls'

MeetUpMoguls' three pillars are Resources, meetups, and meaningful relationships.  It's is a community of ambassadors, speakers, trainers, and authors coming together to push each other.  We use the art of meetups to facilitate this.

Staci I Moore, owner of MeetUpMoguls'
Staci I Moore, owner of MeetUpMoguls'


They wanted to keep track of all the key tasks, commitments and projects. Scheduling and attending several conference calls per day was making it difficult to do so.

Impact of the Problem

The company has been conducting many virtual meet-ups and wanted to capture the solutions that had been shared with the attendees. This way, they wanted to provide more value to their customers.

Even if they could record the meet-up, transcribing and using the content in multiple places was posing a challenge. It left Staci with a lot of work and in most of the cases, they did nothing. This was not the level of service they wanted to provide to their valuable customers.


Meetup moguls uses Fireflies For better service quality

They found Fireflies through social media. Staci went through the demo video, and all her doubts were cleared.

Now when Staci is on the go, she has a recording and converted text to use as a reference for her meetings. She doesn't have to worry about asking someone for their permission to record.


Fireflies allows them to create content for all of the platforms, which has made their work easier and made them more efficient.

Fireflies has put me in a position to maximize my time, work more in my lane of genius, and earn more money.

- Staci I Moore, owner of MeetUpMoguls'

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