How Helped Moonfrog Labs Increase Productivity By Keeping Track of Actionable Items
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How Helped Moonfrog Labs Increase Productivity By Keeping Track of Actionable Items

Neha Kulshreshtha
Manasvi Pawaria
Neha Kulshreshtha, Manasvi Pawaria

Alok Kumar, Lead UX Designer at Moonfrog Labs discusses how Fireflies helped them increase productivity and meet deadlines, thus improving overall performance.

About Moonfrog Labs

Moonfrog Labs is a Game Development Company.  They have created some famous games, like Teen Patti Gold, Ludo Club, Jalebi, Bahubali, etc. They have a strong player base in India and neighboring countries.

Alok is responsible for Player Research, and ensuring great player experience for the users.

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How Small Misses in Remote Meetings Affect Overall Productivity

After going remote, the team at Moonfrog labs was using Google Meet to conduct meetings. One person was assigned to take the meeting minutes. This caused two issues:

  1. The person designated to write the minutes could not completely focus on the meeting while jotting down the action items. This meant this s person could not effectively contribute to the discussion.
  2. Important points of discussion and actionables were routinely slipped or overlooked due to the manual nature of note-taking. The little details missed in the minutes impacted the workings of UX design and resulted in the loss of opportunity and wasted efforts.

These issues were hitting their productivity and performance.

Fireflies As A Meeting AI Note-taker For Moonfrog Labs

moonfrog labs uses ai meeting assistant

Alok came across during his search for a remote meeting tool and decided to give it a try since it offered a free trial.

They integrated the tool in their meetings and experienced the following improvements:

Accurate Note-taking

Using the Google Meet integration with Fireflies, they were able to efficiently create minutes of meetings (MoMs) and reduce the human error that comes with manual note-taking.

Improved Performance and Productivity

Automated note-taking made it easier to focus on the discussion and saved time too. They could easily manage action items and follow-up on them, which helped improve their work performance and productivity.

Never Missed A Deadline Again meeting assistant sends the meeting recording and transcription link within a few minutes to all the attendees with automatically extracted deadlines, action items, etc, helping to keep track of the work.

It allows users to mark specific points, which they otherwise would have missed in manual note-taking. Project management for the company became easier, with a single platform to collaborate with the team.

The Advantage (Result) helped Moonfrog Labs keep track of the deadlines and action items by eliminating the need for appointing a dedicated person to take meeting notes.

Better Collaboration: On the app, all the participants could easily collaborate and mark specific points, action items, and deadlines. This helped them coordinate key tasks better.

Increased Productivity: By inviting assistant to their meetings as a participant, they could transcribe meetings and get the link to their inboxes in no time. This has reduced their follow-ups and freed them to focus on other tasks.

Accuracy: Using voice AI models, Fireflies facilitates accurate and faster actions.

Incorporating in their remote meetings helped Moonfrog Labs overcome the pain associated with minute taking. They were able to follow up on action items, stick to timelines, and improve overall project management.

-  Alok Kumar, Lead UX Designer at Moonfrog Labs

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