Redstamp has more efficient meetings notes using Fireflies
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Redstamp has more efficient meetings notes using Fireflies

Melody Ocumen

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Kelso Kennedy, CEO at Redstamp Agency discusses how they used Fireflies to document their meetings, save time on meeting notes and become more efficient in conducting meetings.

Kelso Kennedy, CEO at Redstamp Agency


Redstamp is a full-service digital marketing agency, combining world-class design, strategy, and web development for B2B brands looking to be remarkable. They help leading technology and SaaS companies, a lot of whom are on Y Combinator's list of top 100 companies by valuation, push innovation through websites and marketing strategies.

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Redstamp needed more accountability and transparency in their meetings. They also needed something that could easily integrate with their video conferencing tool. They wanted it to be seamless and intuitive enough that they could refer back to the notes, whenever, and never miss a beat.


Redstamp found out about Fireflies through Product Hunt and decided to try it out.


Redstamp can now capture everything they need to document meetings properly and efficiently.

Now, with Fireflies, we don't have to waste time on meeting notes. Our teams are accountable and we don't have to worry about it!

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