How Switching to Fireflies Helped The Blogsmith Conduct Content-Rich Meetings
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How Switching to Fireflies Helped The Blogsmith Conduct Content-Rich Meetings

Manasvi Pawaria
Manasvi Pawaria

Maddy Osman is the founder of the creative content agency, The Blogsmith, and a major SEO content strategist. She talks about how helped her stay on top of her client needs with swift transcribing, storing, keyword filtering, and easy sharing of meeting minutes.

About The Blogsmith

The Blogsmith is a SEO content writing agency for B2B technology brands. At the heart of the company’s creation lies Maddy’s wish to address the growing need of technology brands to connect with their potential clients and customers via search.

Missing Crucial Points During Meetings

The Blogsmith conducts majority of their business meetings with prospective clients through Zoom.

Most clients are small/established tech business owners who need assistance in growing website traffic, and sales. A diverse client base has varied needs too. Therefore, any interaction, big or small, becomes paramount for the success of any project.

However, the task of keeping up with the conversation and jotting down pain points and action items simultaneously can become overwhelming for the team.

They frequently missed out on crucial data discussed during meetings and Zoom calls. Maddy realized the company needed an urgent remedy for this and she started searching for a solution and found her answer in

Choosing For Efficient and Accurate Note-Taking

The Blogsmith chooses AI meeting assistant

Maddy stumbled across while browsing Product Hunt and has been a very satisfied client since. Maddy chose and stayed with Fireflies owing to its numerous additional benefits, such as more/wider integration options and many other application benefits.

She also witnessed a vast improvement in her meetings due to:

Automated Note-taking

Before she adopted, Maddy relied on manual note-taking, which was not only time-consuming and physically stressful but also led to missing out on important conversations.

Integrating Zoom with Fireflies helped her save time spent on note-taking and she was able to concentrate better on clients’ wants and needs.

Once the meeting concludes, a copy of the meeting transcripts is emailed within 15 minutes which allows her to revise and dive deeper into the conversation in her own time.

She can also do a keyword search for relevant points in the conversation instead of combing through every minute detail.

Auto-join Zoom Meets

One of the team’s favorite features is how they don’t have to bother with manually inviting the AI note-taker, Fred, into their meetings. easily connects with Google and Outlook calendars and auto-joins all their meetings to record and transcribe, until instructed otherwise. You can have at all your meetings, even the ones not hosted by you!

Easy Sharing of Meeting Transcripts

The minute meetings can be easily shared with other members of the team and clients if needed. The AI assistant also automatically marks deadlines, action items, follow-ups, and has timestamps for easy tracking and navigation.

The Advantage

When you are a small, emerging company, having all hands on deck is pertinent. helped The Blogsmith manage their time and allocate their resources to more demanding tasks than note-keeping.

Better workflow: As Fred marks and automatically extracts specific action items, there is a decreased need for clarification, and having links to transcribed meetings in the inboxes reduces the need for constant follow-ups.

Singular platform: With the app, your team can seamlessly collaborate on a single platform and mark actionable items and deadlines at a common space.

With Fireflies, I can get usable transcripts, time stamps, and marked action items for all of my meetings without lifting a hand! Its integrations with Zoom and Slack make it a no-brainer for my workflow. I love that Fireflies helps me to quickly act on client calls, capturing the nuance of recorded dialog.

- Maddy Osman, Founder and SEO Content Strategist at The Blogsmith

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