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Best Types of Remote Jobs That You Can Do From Anywhere
Remote work

Best Types of Remote Jobs That You Can Do From Anywhere

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

The option to work remotely has a plethora of advantages. For workers, it is easier and much more comfortable to be working from the space where they feel most productive and creative. For companies, it saves a lot of overhead costs.

While the current global trend has witnessed a huge shift in favour of remote work in almost all fields, there are a few jobs that can solely be done from home.

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In this article, we shall talk about some of the best types of remote jobs that can be done from literally any space in the world.

There are numerous benefits that remote work offer. Remote working as a culture creates more job opportunities for people scattered across the world.

Traditionally, most of the jobs are performed out of a physical office but right now companies are actively hiring new talent with a mandatory remote work option. Een though virtual hiring and onboarding can sometimes seem daunting, if followed right strategies and procedures, it can be a very helpful experience for the new joinees.  A lot of companies already have their work policies and operating procedures in place to make the best use of remote working possibilities.

Remote jobs can be done from anywhere
Remote jobs

Remote job simply refers to any job which can be done from anywhere in the world without being physically present in an office. For example, a person who writes articles for a website can do so by being anywhere in the world without attending an office regularly.

So basically, jobs that are mostly done over the internet using a computer, and phone calls can be done remotely as well. To ensure seamless coordination between the remote employees and their management, a lot of communication and collaboration tools for remote work, such as Zoom, Slack, Meet, Fireflies, etc., are available. You can learn more about them here:  

Types of Remote Jobs

There are different types of remote jobs, right from entry-level to the ones performed by skilled workers or advanced certified professionals. The job roles would greatly depend on your skills and focus area for your career.

Here are some of the most popular types of remote jobs in a variety of fields for you to choose from.

1. Customer Service

This is one of the most popular jobs that can be done over phone calls and a remote setup while staying anywhere. Retailers, Insurance, or product companies require customer service agents for solving customer queries. These jobs are always in huge demand and employ thousands of people annually.

Customer Service is the most common job that can be done remotely
Customer Service is the most common job that can be done remotely

Most of the work can be done using an internet connection and over phone calls. You just need to have good communication skills, patience to deal with a fellow human being, and basic educational background to understand the simple nuances of the trade.

2. Sales

The most popular job role that falls in this category is Business Development under which employees help businesses close more deals by finding, prospecting, and setting up meetings to discuss potential business opportunities. Remote sales jobs can often get exciting and challenging as you get to talk to a huge number of people and understand closely their insights regarding sales and purchase of a product or service only to make a deal they might find hard to refuse.

3. Entry Level Computer Work

Jobs like data entry, typing work, and virtual assistants are perfect for people who know how to operate computers. They can work on these jobs from almost anywhere in their free time to earn a decent amount of money. Depending upon the skill sets job complexity can increase which can give you a much better wage as a remote worker.

4. Web Development Jobs

Every business needs a website that looks great. Web development is the most flexible job that you could do from anywhere with your laptop or computer.

Web development is one of the remote jobs
Web development is one of the remote jobs 

To be a web developer, you must be familiar with HTML, CSS, and javascript to be able to build websites with basic functionalities. As you grow you can start learning PHP, React, Angular, VueJS, or other frameworks and technologies to make more advanced websites.In terms of payout, remote web developers can earn a lot just by working on a few websites. Since websites do require consistent maintenance, you can offer those services as well.

5. Tutor Jobs

A lot of school-going children need tutors for completing their homework or making them understand different school subjects. You can become a remote tutor depending upon your qualification and teach up to a fixed number of class students.

Some people even run online coaching classes where they teach a common subject to a bunch of students huddled together virtually. Earning opportunities are enormous and it also provides a sense of fulfillment by teaching students.

6.Computer Programming Jobs

Computer programming jobs require specific skill sets. By being a programmer you can help companies build products that serve thousands of users. The most popular programming languages are Python, Java, C++, Kotlin, etc.

Companies provide good salaries to skilled computer programmers with a stacked portfolio. You can work on a contract basis or opt for full-time remote working. As the job requires most of the work on computers through a basic internet connection, it can be done from anywhere.

7. Translation Jobs

Translation jobs require people to translate text from one language to another language. You need to be well versed in some of the popular and most commonly spoken languages - both spoken and written. The work mostly revolves around providing translation for websites, mobile apps, articles, or books.

With OTT platforms gaining mass popularity and the content reaching countries with non-English speaking populations, translators are being employed to provide subtitles for movies, tv shows, documentaries, etc. In the coming future, translation jobs are going to be in huge demand.

8. Graphic Designer Jobs

Graphic design is a very creative job for people who love to work on photoshop, illustrator, or similar software. You can help companies by designing their websites, graphics for social media, or creating user interface design. This job requires a very creative mind and working knowledge of popular graphic designing software.

Graphic designers work remotely with increased productivity
Graphic designers work remotely with increased productivity

9. Content Writing Jobs

Content writing jobs have been popular as remote working jobs even before the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to be the same. All you need is a creative mind to write high-quality content and a computer and you could be working from anywhere in the world churning out amazing content.

A very important aspect of an accomplished content writer is good research skills that accentuate the quality of content. A lot of companies outsource their content requirements to content writers because it is flexible and doesn’t require anyone to come to the office every day.

10. Android or iOS Developer

For android you need to know either Java or Kotlin programming language and for iOS swift and c++ programming language. You can create android apps for companies or provide reusable apps on online marketplaces like the Envato market to sell the source code of apps to a large number of people.

It is a very stable remote job with a very good salary if you work on some high demand apps developing team.

11.   Transcription Jobs

As a transcriber, you can help companies or people by providing text for any audio or video by listening to it and writing it down word by word. Good typing speed is considered a big plus for these jobs. Knowledge of multiple languages also helps to land clients that don’t shy away from paying big bucks.  

12.   Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital marketing is currently the booming sector and every business needs a significant online presence in all digital channels. Most common work you would be doing as a digital marketeer are search engine optimization, social media management, online reputation, lead generation, traffic generation, etc. This is a huge sector with a variety of smaller jobs to work on.

13. Accounting Jobs

Accounting jobs involve maintaining records of the company that involve income and expenses for preparing different accounting statements. It can be done from anywhere in the world as you can get the data from the company and feed it into the software to prepare reports without getting too involved with a lot of people.

14. Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you can help people get organized and handle their schedules, all while being remote. You can respond to their emails, prioritize the important meetings, and get through the important parts of the daily task.

It is fun as well as a busy job. The best part is that you can help more than one person while working as a virtual assistant. It is a very popular gig on Fiverr.

Virtual Assistant is a great option for a remote job
Virtual Assistant is a great option for a remote job

15. Consultant Jobs

Providing consultancy can depend upon your skills. Being a consultant you would be providing advice and strategies to the company regarding their current business problems. It is a very critical job as someone’s decision could depend on your advice.

By going for legal jobs in a remote working setup you can work in Contract Law, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Intellectual Property Law, and more. You can provide all types of legal help that companies and individuals need.

17. Data Science Jobs

Data is called the new oil as it is super important in shaping the digital economy these days. By being a data scientist you can make sense out of data which can help businesses make important decisions and create strategies.

Data science jobs require a lot of skills like statistics, visualization, charting, and some basic programming. Because of the high demand, data scientists also get paid quite a decent amount of money.

18. Video Editing Jobs

Video content is everywhere around us on youtube, Netflix, prime, and on many other streaming services. Each video you see out there has been edited by some professionals on a computer.

Video editing is one of the most creative and in-demand skills right now. You could be a full-time editor for a youtube channel or multiple channels while working from the comfort of your home.

How much you get paid depends upon your creativity and the video editing skills.

Video editing is an exciting remote job type that can be explored
Video Editing

19. Music and Audio mixing

Having a great understanding of sounds and mixing them up correctly is a great skill that can help you get some decent jobs. Music production is a full-fledged job that can be done on a laptop. The most popular software for this, FL Studio, is used even by top music artists. It is a great starting point if you are looking for a career in music and audio related jobs.

Start Looking For A Job Today!

We have put together this guide to help you find different types of remote jobs with your current skill set. Although it seems like there are a lot of options out there to choose from and you might feel overwhelmed but depending on your interests and knowledge, you can go for the right job that is best suited for you. You can refer to this guide we have compiled for you and weigh your options.

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