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Fireflies Help Boost the Unbox Team's Productivity

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

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Lucas Leite, Co-founder & CTO of Unbox shared how Fireflies helped his team become more integrated with the meetings and boosted productivity.

About Unbox

Unbox makes selling online as easy as buying. They provide a complete solution for SMBs to create a store with their own branding already integrated with all services they will need, including payment, delivery and marketing solutions. They are a fully-remote company.

Lucas Leite, Co-founder & CTO of Unbox
Lucas Leite, Co-founder & CTO of Unbox


They are a remote company for the most part and wanted to have every meeting automatically recorded and shared with the company.

Impact of the Problem

Whoever didn't make to a specific meeting (or wasn't on the invite) had no way to know what was discussed apart from simple notes shared on slack.


Fireflies Helps the Team at Unbox Become More Integrated and Boost Productivity

Lucas found Fireflies when they were searching for a solution on Google. Initially Lucas had some reservations about the tool because it seemed to be aimed at another pain point - transcribing - which wasn't something he was looking for. He wasn't sure if his use case would fit.

But, he decided to give it a try because of the features.

It could automatically enter any meetings through his calendar, record and share the file automatically on slack. It had automated every part of his use case, which was a major requirement for him.


The team reports on feeling more integrated - even though they don't listen to a lot of the meetings, the feeling that they could, is a big plus.

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