The Best Alternative To YouTube Summary With ChatGPT Extension
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The Best Alternative To YouTube Summary With ChatGPT Extension

Ayush Kudesia
Ayush Kudesia

Ever spent 20 minutes on a YouTube video only to find it pointless? Talk about time you can't get back!

That’s where a tool like YouTube Summary with ChatGPT saves you time by summarizing lengthy videos.

However, this tool has some notable limitations that make it a less-than-ideal for summarizing YouTube videos.

Luckily, we have a better solution for you. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best alternative to YouTube Summary with ChatGPT and what it can do for you.

But before that, let us start with:

What is YouTube Summary With ChatGPT?

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT is a Chrome extension that lets you summarize YouTube videos with the help of ChatGPT.

You can quickly grasp the essential ideas from videos on YouTube, be it a how-to guide, product review, documentary, or any other genre.

YouTube summary with ChatGPT
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How does YouTube Summary with ChatGPT work?

After downloading the Chrome extension, you can view the transcript using the tool by clicking on Transcript & Summary.

YouTube summary with ChatGPT - How does it work?

To summarize your video, click on the View AI Summary button. This opens ChatGPT in a new window.

Next, the tool copies the video's transcript into ChatGPT and prompts it to summarize the content into easy-to-read bullet points.

And that’s it!

Why do you need an alternative?

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT is solely designed for YouTube. However, the process of getting a summary involves a lot of steps. It redirects you to the ChatGPT website and makes you wait for the video summary. It’s not seamless and fast.

To add to the frustration, it only works for videos under 20 minutes. If the video exceeds that duration, like a webinar recording, you're out of luck—no summary for you!

That’s why you need AskFred for Web; it solves all these problems and can be used across different websites on Google Chrome.

AskFred for Web: The best alternative to YouTube Summary With ChatGPT

What is AskFred for Web?

AskFred for Web is the latest feature added to the Fireflies Chrome extension.

It is a GPT 4-powered chatbot that uses AI to summarize YouTube videos, Google Meet meetings, web pages, emails, research papers, and more.

How does AskFred for Web work?

Here is how you can use AskFred for Web to summarize YouTube videos.

YouTube summary with ChatGPT alternative - Fireflies Chrome Extension
  • Log in to your existing Fireflies account or create a new one. Follow the login steps.
  • Once you've set up the Fireflies Chrome extension, the AskFred chatbot will be visible on the right side of your Chrome browser.

Here’s a help desk article on setting up the AskFred for Web.

  • Next, go to any YouTube Video you want to summarize. Click on the AskFred chatbot.
YouTube summary with ChatGPT alternative - Fireflies AskFred chatbot
  • It will open a chat box where you can type your requests, in this case, summarize the video.
YouTube summary with ChatGPT alternative - Fireflies AskFred chatbot
  • AskFred will use GPT-4 to summarize the video for you. Here is an example of the summary from AskFred.
YouTube summary with ChatGPT alternative - Fireflies AskFred chatbot

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Why is AskFred for Web better?

Here’s a comparison between AskFred for Web vs. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT.

YouTube summary with ChatGPT vs. Fireflies AskFred for Web

Summarize any web content

Fireflies’ AskFred for Web is not limited to summarizing YouTube videos. It can summarize any web content you browse on the Chrome browser, including articles and podcasts.

YouTube summary with ChatGPT alternative - Summarize any web content with AskFred

Fast and accurate summaries

It uses the latest GPT-4 architecture, which is faster and more precise than GPT-3 or 3.5, used by the free version of ChatGPT. This means you get accurate human-like summaries.

Ease of use

AskFred is a seamless solution to summarize your YouTube videos. You don’t have to juggle between multiple tabs to get the summary. It generates the summary directly within the webpage without any extra hassle.

Go beyond summaries

AskFred for Web allows you to ask further questions about the content, providing more context and information beyond summaries. This is not possible with YouTube Summary with ChatGPT.

YouTube summary with ChatGPT alternative - Ask further questions with AskFred

Use readymade suggested prompts

Fireflies’ AskFred provides readymade prompts to help you extract summaries, keywords, and key topics from the webpage or YouTube videos without typing questions. It’s a feature that saves you precious time.

YouTube summary with ChatGPT alternative - Fireflies AskFred suggested prompts

No duration constraints

Say goodbye to video duration constraints. Unlike YouTube Summary with ChatGPT, AskFred doesn't limit you based on the video duration. Whether a short clip or a 3-hour webinar, AskFred will provide you with concise and insightful summaries.

Final thoughts

In short, AskFred for Web is the best alternative to YouTube summary with chatGPT for summarizing YouTube videos.

Moreover, it's easy to use and can accurately extract insights from web pages or podcasts. So, if you want to save time and learn things faster, try AskFred for Web!

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