30 Chrome Extensions for Productivity You Cannot Ignore

30 Chrome Extensions for Productivity You Cannot Ignore


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188,620. That's the number of Google chrome extensions available till date, according to ZDNet. And as this number continues to grow, it won't be easy to decide which ones are worth your time.

That's why we've curated a list of the best Chrome extensions for productivity. It's hard to say if these would make cute cat videos less tempting to watch, but these are highly recommended for busy professionals who want to get more done in their day.

Top 30 best Chrome extensions for productivity

1. Fireflies Chrome Extension

The Fireflies Chrome extension is the ultimate productivity hack.

It lets you automatically record and transcribe your Google Meet meetings. It is also the best Chrome extension to transcribe recordings made using Bubbles, Soapbox, and Loom.

Fireflies Chrome extension eliminates manual note-taking during video conferences, records Google Meet sessions, and provides accurate transcriptions for team collaboration and note sharing. Fireflies AI notetaker is never late to the meeting and ensures it records and transcribes the entire meeting even if you can't attend it.

Accu Limited Receives Complete Details on Missed Meetings
There are multiple reasons to miss out on meetings and that’s why you need a transcription tool. Here’s why Accu Limited chose Fireflies!

Here's a step-by-step guide to installing and using the Fireflies Chrome extension.

Add Fireflies to Chrome

2. ClickUp

ClickUp offers the best extension for Chrome by bringing all critical project management features to the browser.

Peak your productivity by using this extension to quickly complete your workflow, bookmark a website and save it as a task, locate it in the extension, attach emails to it, create tasks from an email, and so on.

Add ClickUp to Chrome

3. OneTab

If you find identifying information from different tabs challenging, the OneTab Chrome extension is here to help. This extension allows you to create a list of all the links in one new tab page with just a single click.

It's one of the best chrome extensions for conveniently organizing all your key links and saving your browser memory since you won't have to open multiple tabs.

Add OneTab to Chrome

4. Markup Hero

Found something interesting on the web and want to share it with your colleagues or peers? Markup Hero lets you do that.

This Chrome extension allows you to take a (scrolling) screenshot of Chrome tabs, application windows, or screens, use creative annotation callouts, and create a unique link to your screenshot for sharing.

All your screenshots are saved in the cloud and can be edited anytime. It's a great collaborative tool, especially if you work on visuals or graphics.

Add Markup Hero to Chrome

5. Strict Workflow

Strict Workflow's Chrome extension follows the Pomodoro technique to eliminate distractions.

Strict Workflow is one of the best chrome extensions for productivity, as it lets you set the time you want to spend on a particular website. It enforces a 25min/5min workflow, meaning 25 minutes of distraction-free, productive work, followed by a short 5-minute break.

Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Strict Workflow is pre-configured to block the most popular distracting websites, such as social media platforms.

Add Strict Workflow to Chrome

6. Clean Master

How lazy do we get when we are told to clear our cache? When the website doesn't load, it is hard to believe that the solution could be as simple as removing cache files.

Clean Master is the best extension for Chrome to clean the cache. It erases cache, so the images and formatting are always freshly downloaded anytime you open the browser and visit a website. It makes your internet browsing experience seamless and quick.

Add Clean Master to Chrome

7. MailTrack for Gmail and Mail Merge

Want to know if the receiver opened your email? Mailtrack makes it easy to find that out.

This is a free yet one of the best Chrome extensions for productivity as it lets you track:

  • If your email was delivered
  • If the recipient opened it
  • When was the email opened, and how many times

With MailTrack, you can filter emails based on which were opened and which weren't. This is a great extension if you send client emails using a Gmail account and do not use expensive email marketing tools.

Fun fact: MailTrack has over 2 million active users!

Add MailTrack to Chrome

8. Timewarp

The internet is a distracting place. Sifting through different tabs for searching information online can quickly morph into binging cute puppy videos. And before you know it, you have a huge backlog.

To avoid veering off, Timewarp is one popular Chrome extension for productivity. Whenever you enter any non-productive, time-wasting website, the extension redirects you back to a more productive one. It reminds you not to procrastinate by:

  • Redirecting to a more productive website that you specify.
  • Showing your most motivational quote.
  • Displaying the time you've spent on the website.

Add Timewrap to Chrome

9. StayFocusd

Another Chrome extension for productivity is StayFocusd. Like Timewarp, this extension tracks the amount of time spent on specific websites like social media platforms and allows you to block them.

Keeping you locked in on the work at hand, StayFocusd also allows you to change your settings. But for that, you need to answer and finish a challenge, making it hard to go back to your old ways!

Add StayFocusd to Chrome

10. Papier

Have an award-winning idea? Got something on your mind? We bet you do. After all, an average person has about 60,000 thoughts every day!

Netizens love the Papier Chrome extension, which allows them to pin their ideas on a new tab in Google Chrome. Say goodbye to sifting endless sticky notes or using note-taking apps with Papier.

Chrome Extensions for Productivity - eliminate note-taking with Papier

This no-frills note-taking extension autosaves whatever you write, so you don't lose any information even if your system shuts down abruptly.

Add Papier to Chrome

11. Win the Day

Raise your hands if you want to "win" your day.

Win the Day is one of the best Chrome extensions for productivity, as it helps you meet your daily goals. It is designed to remind you of your goals by displaying them on your browser homepage.

Win The Day lets you set broad goals, sub-goals, and subtasks, making you more organized and focused. It also helps you build new habits by allowing you to enter up to three new habits you wish to work on and set a time for them.

Another great feature is its "Focus Mode," which passively thwarts off-task distractions.

Add Win the Day to Chrome

12. Todobook

We've all been guilty of doom-scrolling on social media at some point. One minute you're reading the election news, and the next thing you know, you are checking out profiles of your favorite sportsperson. It's an endless rabbit hole that can affect productivity.

Todobook is excellent if you want to minimize time on Facebook. It morphs your Facebook homepage into a to-do list to show your daily or weekly to-dos.

Anytime you start your scrolling spree, Todobook will remind you how much work you need to complete. You can also use it on other social media channels like YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit.

Add Todobook to Chrome

13. Clockify Time Tracker

When discussing the best Chrome extensions for productivity, you cannot miss Clockify's Time Tracker. This extension lets you monitor where, when, and how you spend your time online.

You can use this extension to collect your online browsing data, such as time spent on specific websites and pages. It shows the time you allocate to tasks in easy-to-read graphs. So, if you are binging on Netflix, this app will tell you that.

Another advantage, this extension also allows you to generate timesheets for free.

Add Clockify Time Tracker to Chrome

14. Toby

If you like to open multiple tabs, Toby is an excellent way to organize them. Toby allows you to store all your open tabs as collections, which you can open in a few clicks.

You can create a collection of articles to read later or online apps that you frequently use.

After installing Toby for Chrome, click the plus icon and give a name to your collection. Add tags to organize your collection further.

Add Toby to Chrome

15. AdBlock Plus

Ads are annoying and intrusive if not personalized. But even if they are customized based on your search history, they can be distracting, particularly when they're auto-playing video or flashing banners.

AdBlock Plus, as the name suggests, blocks ads and intrusive pop-ups on the browser, eliminating any distractions. It’s an old extension and the most popular Chrome extension for productivity, as it is easy to use and gets the job done.

Add AdBlock Plus to Chrome

16. Dark Reader

An eye-care browser, Dark Reader, changes bright colors on web pages to reduce strain on your eyes. It’s the chrome extension you must download if you like to work late at night or prefer a dark theme.

With Dark Reader, you can customize the color intensity and create safelists for websites that look more suited for the light theme.

Add Dark Reader to Chrome

17. FireShot

Another Chrome extension for productivity is Fireshot, which lets you take screenshots of your desktop as you do on mobile devices.

See a recipe you like on a site? Screenshot it. Need to take a snapshot of some data you found on the net? Screenshot it. Found a cool t-shirt you want to buy but need a second opinion? Screenshot it.

Fireshot lets you capture, edit, and save all screenshots in various formats, such as PDFs, JPEGs, PNGs, and GIFs. You can use these files offline since they are stored locally.

Add FireShot to Chrome

18. Ghostery

Take control over your data and ads with Ghostery, which lets you surf faster and takes care of all the trackers in ads. It reduces clutter while searching for information online, including malware or annoying pop-ups.

Similar to Adblock, it lets you choose if you want to whitelist trackers in ads on any websites or block them. It makes your browsing anonymous, helping ease any privacy concerns.

Add Ghostery to Chrome

19. Marinara: Pomodoro® Assistant

Need proper time management tools to stay on top of things? Use the popular Pomodoro technique-based Marinara Chrome extension.

The Pomodoro technique, a famous time management method, maximizes productivity with focused work sessions.

After each session, you can take a three-to-five-minute break. After a few more Pomodoros, the breaks increase, going up to 15 to 30 minutes.

Chrome Extensions for Productivity - Marinara: Pomodoro® Assistant

The extension is great for monitoring your Pomodoros on the browser without needing any other time-tracking tool. It notifies your progress on your desktop or the browser.

Add Marinara: Pomodoro® Assistant to Chrome

20. Noisli

Listening to the right music while working can boost productivity. But there’s a catch—how to find the right playlist.

Noisli solves this problem by creating background music that you will love. It has various noises based on tasks you want to complete, including writing, reading, or focusing. The extension also has a productivity timer, making it a perfect companion while working.

Add Noisli to Chrome

21. Workona Tab Manager

Chrome tab overload? Let the Workona Tab Manager let you get out of the virtual tab graveyard.

Like Toby or any other tab arrangement extension, this is for you if it is impossible to see the name of a single tab because you’ve opened more than 30 tabs in a single Chrome window.

Workona groups related tabs into various dashboards to comfortably switch. It’s a must-have Chrome extension for productivity if you want to concentrate on a task without repeatedly closing and re-opening different tabs or working on multiple projects simultaneously.

Add Workona Tab Manager to Chrome

22. Momentum

If you have a hard time relaxing or focusing while working, having the Momentum extension can help. It’s a perfect webpage with calm, inspirational sounds and images that boost concentration.

You can select which soothing background you want to see. If you want to see serene mountains over a waterfront, go for it!

Add Momentum to Chrome

23. StoryXpress

A flexible and lightweight Google chrome extension, StoryXpress Recorder allows you to easily record your webcam, screen, or both. It also lets you work without an internet connection.

This freemium tool allows you to asynchronously communicate with external and internal stakeholders. It works perfectly with remote teams and distributed work environments, reducing Zoom fatigue, miscommunication, and long text conversation threads.

Add StoryXpress to Chrome

24. Scribe

Create a step-by-step guide with Scribe. It is a great Chrome extension for increasing productivity, as it automatically captures your work and takes screenshots.

Instantly document any process you are working on, share it with your team via a link, or embed it in a knowledge base, CMS, or other tools. Scribe is an excellent tool for building process maps, SOPs, software documentation, etc.

Add Scribe to Chrome

25. Boomerang for Gmail

Sending emails at an ungodly time has become a norm. But it shouldn’t be that way.

Sending after-hours work emails can create a cascade of negative events for you, your recipient, and your families. Boomerang for Gmail lets you set clear work boundaries for better productivity and happiness.

It is for those moments when you are urged to respond to an email but know that you shouldn’t. Boomerang lets you schedule delayed emails.

It also enables you to schedule time to receive emails, set recurring messages, and create a “boomerang” that sends your emails to the top of your mailbox in a month.

Add Boomerang for Gmail to Chrome

26. Checker Plus for Gmail™

Checker Plus for Gmail™ creates a small envelope-like icon on your toolbar to indicate a new email in your inbox. It saves time by eliminating the need to repeatedly click back and forth to your Gmail.

It’s a great Chrome extension for productivity, as you can directly read and respond by clicking the mail icon.

Add Checker Plus for Gmail™ to Chrome

27. HubSpot Sales

If you are in sales, marketing, or customer service, you cannot ignore HubSpot’s Chrome extension.

Emails and outreach programs can be tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming. Use the HubSpot Chrome extension for productivity as it reduces time drafting and sending an email.

HubSpot Chrome extension for productivity

It also gives you access to reusable email templates, CRM for Gmail, communication tracking, and sales productivity tools.

Add HubSpot Sales to Chrome

28. Grammarly

How do we feel about Grammarly, everybody?

It’s the best Chrome extension if you want a quick spell check regardless of the tool you use—WordPress, Gmail, Social media posts, Google Docs, or almost any other content you write in your browser.

Grammarly is the best Chrome extension for productivity as it suggests the best way to write, checks plagiarism, and ensures proper formatting, keeping us all sane.

Add Grammarly to Chrome

29. Switch Workstation Tab Manager

Switch is another Chrome extension that organizes your accounts, tabs, and projects from a single browser. It has an intuitive design that works like an average digital worker who constantly juggles different projects and work-life balance.

It eliminates the cumbersome process of logging in and logging out process while working from other accounts and provides complete visibility of your tabs.

It integrates with the tools and applications you commonly use and is a great way to stay productive without disrupting the flow.

Add Switch Workstation Tab Manager to Chrome

30. Contact Out

Contact Out quickly finds email addresses, phone numbers, and similar information about your leads or customers from organizations in your target industry. The extension fetches contact information from public pages and links it to the right people.

Contact Out is the best chrome extension for productivity, with its bulk search feature that saves much of your time. You can save this information into your CRM, like Salesforce, with a single click. It also has an email campaign feature that lets you quickly send emails to your leads.

Add Contact Out to Chrome

Productivity starts with the right extension.

There you have it, the top 30 Chrome extensions for productivity. These extensions all can support in their unique way! Download as many as you want based on your use cases. Productivity awaits!

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