Fireflies Feature Focus: Soundbites

Fireflies Feature Focus: Soundbites

Vibhanshu Dixit
Vibhanshu Dixit

Brevity breeds clarity. Do you agree? If you do, you’ll appreciate what soundbites can do for you.

You’ve probably listened to a couple of soundbites—a compilation of YouTube videos, perhaps?

In a nutshell, they are short audio quotes that provide clarity, reinforce decisions, and in some cases, inspire.

Sounds good?

Okay, let’s do a deep dive into one of the Fireflies’ much-adored features.

What are Soundbites?

With, you can create short audio clips from your recorded meetings/calls and turn them into shareable audio snippets. These audio snippets are called soundbites.

You can create and share soundbites straight from your dashboard whenever you want to collaborate on a critical part of the recorded call.

You can play the soundbites any time you want to hear them. Further, you can edit, delete, or copy its URL by clicking on the options present in the soundbites tab.

Soundbites let you extract and share the most meaningful part of an hour-long meeting.

Benefits of Using Soundbites soundbites: how to create

  • Provides clarity: The right decisions hinge on clarity. And sometimes, we lose this when things get too busy. You can share a soundbite of a specific task that was discussed during your meeting so that your team can efficiently execute it.

  • Easy referencing: Soundbites lets you quickly review and reference the important highlights of any recorded conversation.

  • Social Shares: Podcasters can create Soundbites from your full-length podcast and use these Soundbites on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. If you love listening to podcasts, you can create Soundbites of podcasts that you love.

  • Privacy Protection: Sharing soundbites help hosts share important snippets without exposing the entire meeting.

How to Create and Use Soundbites in

Creating Soundbites in is straightforward and easy. Here’s how:

  1. Visit your Fireflies Notebook, then choose the meeting you want to create a soundbite from. soundbites: steps to create soundbites

2. On the meeting transcript, drag and highlight the text you want for your soundbite.

how to create Fireflies sound bites highlight automated transcript

3. Click the “Create Soundbite” button located above the transcript. That’s it. You just created your first soundbite.

Play your Fireflies soundbites

4. To share, click on the kebab menu (three dots). Click "Copy" to get the shareable URL of your soundbite.

Edit or share your Fireflies soundbites to teammates

Here's another way for you to create a soundbite:

  1. Navigate to the Soundbites tab and click the “Create Soundbite” button.
  2. Fill in the details, like Title, Start Time, End Time, Tags, and then click “Create”.
  3. Finally, you can share the Soundbite by copying the link provided or through email.


  • After you have created a Soundbite, it will appear on the Soundbites tab, which is located in the middle of your Fireflies dashboard.
  • Click the play button to listen to your soundbite. Not satisfied with your soundbite? No worries. Simply edit or delete it by clicking the kebab menu. A drop-down list of options will appear.

Soundbites Examples: Here’s a sample meeting transcript with multiple soundbites.


Another great thing about soundbites is that you don't have to constantly repeat what you already said.

And if you said something truly inspiring, maybe one of your teammates will save it as a positive affirmation. Think about it. You never know who inspire.

Create your first soundbite today.

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