Turn your meetings
into an automated knowledge base.

Capture from anywhere

Fireflies makes it seamless to capture voice conversations anywhere you need it.

Video conferencing bot logo

Video conferencing bot

Fireflies can connect to your calendar and join meeting events that have a video-conferencing url. We support all of the major video-conferencing providers including Zoom, Google Meet, MSFT Teams, Webex, GoToMeeting & more.

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Audio file upload

If you have pre-recorded audio files you can upload them from the Fireflies dashboard. Several file formats are supported including MP3, M4A, and WAV.

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Chrome recorder

Want more control and extensibility over meetings you want to capture? Use our chrome extension to capture meetings across not only video-conferencing, but also dialers, VOIP, and other web calling systems.

Storage upload logo

Storage upload

Turn on our Dropbox, Box, Onedrive integrations and select a folder you want to transcribe meetings from. Next time you upload a file there, it will be automatically transcribed by Fireflies.

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Zapier upload

Send audio files via your favorite apps using Zapier to have fireflies capture and transcribe them.

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Need more flexibility? Use our API to send audio streams over to Fireflies to get processed and transcribed. Learn more.

Upload different types of audio files in mp3, wav, or m4a format to transcribe.
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Highly accurate transcription quality

Our english transcription system is trained specifically for conversations & meetings across a wide variety of industries and accents. Fireflies passes key accuracy benchmarks and has 90% accuracy for most types of meetings.

Foreign Language support for Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and many more.

    Get your meetings transcribed with 90% accuracy across a wide variety of industries and accents using fireflies.
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    search capabilities

    A new way to
    share & collaborate

     Easily create soundbites and share snippets with teammates


    Turn important parts of calls into shareable soundbite snippets that you can share straight from your dashboard.

     Leave comments and collaborate on specific parts of calls & transcripts


    Leave comments at different parts of calls and a time-stamped note will be created for your teammates to jump back to.

    Leave pins and react to different parts of calls that your team can jump to


    Leave a pin, thumbs up, or thumbs down at different parts of the call so teammates can hop back to that part of the call and listen to what was said.

    Directly embed your meetings in places you work like notion, medium, Salesforce, etc.


    Embed the Fireflies transcript & audio player in places where you already work like Notion, Medium, Salesforce, etc.

    Integrate with
    all your workflows

    Fireflies takes an integration first approach to all the collaboration platforms out there. We believe that your meeting notes, transcripts, and recordings are more valuable when they are automatically synced up to the places where you already work.

      Automatically integrate your meetings notes and transcripts in your existing workflow using fireflies meeting assistant and transcription app
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      Built with security
      & access controls in mind

      Fireflies provides team admins as well as individual users the ability to control who can view and receive meeting recaps. We have advanced admin settings for teams to ensure everyone’s settings are consistent. Learn more about security & access controls.