The Fireflies API opens up a world of possibilities for integrating our platform with your favorite Dialer, Calling, or other third party conference software.

Upload audio with fireflies api

Upload Audio

Channel your audio meetings to Fireflies.ai to have them transcribed in minutes using our API. Developers can now focus on building great products while relying on Fireflies.ai to do the heavy lifting.

Fetch transcripts for previous meetings with fireflies api


Fetch transcripts or all past meetings with a simple query. Extract keywords, sentences, or entire transcripts.

Delete transcripts that you do not need

Delete Transcript

It’s easy to wipe longstanding and unwanted meetings from our servers. Our API offers you aggregate control on how to manage your meeting data.

Know your team


Get all relevant information about a user in your team, including roles, email address, most recent meeting, and the number of transcription minutes consumed by the user.

Pull all team members information in one call with fireflies api


Sometimes you might want to get team-wide information. You can pull all team members information in one call with our API and perform a series of actions in your app.

Assign exclusive roles to team members with fireflies api

User role

Assign exclusive roles to team members. Roles limit team members to certain actions that can be performed at every meeting, these include admin, user & viewer roles.

Custom NLP

Fireflies has a pre-built NLP layer that lets you extract relevant information from transcripts. You can also filter transcript data based on custom topic categories that you build. Traverse your meetings and extract important insights around pricing, sentiment, next steps, dates, deadlines, and other key highlights.

Extract relevant information from your transcripts with fireflies api
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Speaker Labels

Fireflies generate accurate speaker labels with names of participants for Google Meet & Zoom. You can extract the speaker names and compute relevant insights based on who is speaking. For all other platforms, Fireflies will discern speaker data as Speaker 1, Speaker 2, etc.

Generate accurate speaker labels with names of participants for Google Meet & Zoom with fireflies api
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the Free tier & Premium Tiers?

The Pro & Business tier come with more transcription credits along with advanced exporting capabilities.You also get access to App & CRM integrations on the premium tiers. Starting on the Pro tier, you can send audio through the Zapier integration to get transcribed. The business tier gets API access which lets you send audio to be transcribed and build custom integrations.

How secure is Fireflies?

We encrypt your data at rest, including emails, calendar events and other personal identifiable metadata. We use a 256-bit AES encryption in storage and 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption in transit. Our database is hosted in a virtual private cloud. All of our systems are built with privacy and security as the top priority. We adhere to the highest standards of regulatory requirements, demonstrated by our compliance with SOC 2 and GDPR as well as other regular security audits.

Can I sign up any other way without using my calendar?

Today sign in is only possible via Google Auth or Outlook Auth. This allows us to simplify the sign up process for users while ensuring high levels of security & password protection.

What are my monthly transcription credits?

Pro tier users get 1500 mins of transcription/mo. Business tier users get 2000 mins of transcription/mo. If you have multiple users in your team, the minutes are pooled. For example a 5 person team on the business tier gets 10,000 mins of transcription/mo. In this case, 1 person can use more than 2000 mins from the pool of credits. If you need more mins per month, check out our rate limits.

Do you have any volume discounts?

Yes! We offer volume discounts. Please contact us if you’re buying a plan for more than 100 members.

What languages do you support for transcription?

Currently English is supported. We are releasing Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian soon. To request access go here.

Built with security
& access controls in mind

Fireflies provides team admins as well as individual users the ability to control who can view and receive meeting recaps. We have advanced admin settings for teams to ensure everyone’s settings are consistent. Learn more about security & access controls.