Capture & transcribe meetings and videos
using Chrome extension

The Fireflies Chrome extension

allows you to capture Google Meet calls and videos from Loom, Soapbox and Bubbles.

Automated meeting notes & insights

Just open your Google Meet and your meeting will be auto-captured and transcribed directly from your browser without any distractions or action required.

  • check markAuto-capture Google Meet calls
  • check markNo bot joins the meeting
  • check markSpeaker labels & time stamped captions
  • check markSmart search & sentiment filters
Fireflies chrome extension offers you complete control over the things you want to record anywhere, anytime.
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How it works

Once your Google Meet call starts, Fireflies will auto-capture and transcribe the meeting.

You can stop transcribing the meeting at any time from the extension.

When the meeting is processed, you will receive an email and you can find the meeting in your Fireflies Notebook.

Fireflies chrome extension works with a single click at the start of the meeting and sends you the notes within a few minutes after the meeting
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You can also transcribe Loom, Soapbox, and Bubbles videos

Open any video and click on the Fireflies icon to Import and transcribe.

Unlock the knowledge buried

inside your team's meetings