B2Linked's owner uses Fireflies for his meeting notes
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B2Linked's owner uses Fireflies for his meeting notes

Melody Ocumen

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B2Linked.com's owner, AJ Wilcox talks about how he uses Fireflies to catalog his meetings and make use of meeting notes to remember important conversations.

AJ Wilcox, Owner and Founder at B2Linked.com


B2Linked.com is an agency that specializes in account management and consulting with LinkedIn Ads. Their team manages the largest and most sophisticated accounts worldwide and they are Certified LinkedIn Marketing Partners.

  • Website http://b2linked.com
  • Industries Marketing and Advertising


As owner, AJ has so many back-to-back meetings everyday and most often than not, he finds himself rushing from one meeting to another without being able to take meeting notes.


It's easy to get caught in client conversations that he often wonders what are the important things discussed during the meeting. This can prove to be embarrassing especially when things fall through the cracks.


AJ heard about Fireflies.ai on a podcast and immediately ran home to sign up although he initially felt scared about giving the app access to his calendar.


AJ can now focus on his meetings and keep tabs on all of them through his Fireflies notebook.

Now I have a library of all of my meetings and conversations I've had. There's no forgetting what we talked about. I feel more secure in my conversations.

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