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How Tempest House Increased Meeting Productivity and Reduced Communication Gap

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

William Ferrer, CEO at Tempest House LLC, discussed how they solved the issue of communication gap created due to no record of meetings, using Fireflies.

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William Ferrer, CEO at Tempest House LLC
William Ferrer, CEO at Tempest House LLC


The preferred meeting platform for anyone not in the company's Slack installation is Google Calendar. But they had no good way of recording or transcribing these meetings.

Impact of the Problem

Very often they would have a meeting, the contents of which needed to be shared with more people. But had no good way to accomplish this, or easily review what transpired in each session. This made it very difficult to easily coordinate and inform everyone that needed to be apprised of the contents of the meetings.


Tempest House Uses Fireflies To Increase Meeting Productivity
Tempest House Uses Fireflies To Increase Meeting Productivity

William's colleague recommended Fireflies to him after listening to the issues that they were facing, and he believed Fireflies would be the tool that they are looking for.


After using Fireflies, they are able to make sure everyone is informed and in the loop for any meeting, and they now have a full record and account of everything that happened, which they can review at any time.

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