Fireflies Feature Focus: Conversation Intelligence
Fireflies Solution Conversation Intelligence

Fireflies Feature Focus: Conversation Intelligence

Soorya Radhakrishnan
Soorya Radhakrishnan

Your days of best-guessing are over. Finally.

Imagine a world where you don't have to guess what your prospect wants or sift through hour-long calls to understand the voice of the customer. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Presenting Fireflies’ Conversation Intelligence that provides actionable insights from your meetings. From speaker sentiments to the longest monologue and the topics discussed during meetings, it gives you a solid foundation for making informed decisions.

Want to know more? Let’s begin!

What is Conversation Intelligence?

Fireflies Conversation intelligence helps you quantify your conversations, extract insights from them and understand what’s working and what’s not.

It has two sections: Analytics and Topic Insights.


Conversation intelligence - Meeting Analytics by Fireflies
Meeting Analytics by Fireflies

Under the Analytics section, you can find the following metrics:


What you see

Total number of conversations

The total number of meetings you or your team had in a particular date range

Total time spent in conversations

The total amount of time you or your team spent in meetings

Total number of filler words

The total number of filler words such as “Um” or “Ah” you have used in the meetings

Average word spoken per minute

The average number of words spoken per minute by each speaker in the meeting

Number of monologues

If a person speaks continuously for more than 90 seconds, it is a monologue. This insight gives you the number of monologues in a meeting and by whom.

Longest monologue

Highlights the longest monologue in a meeting

Average talk-to-listen ratio

The ratio of time you talked vs. time you listened during a meeting

Total silence duration

The longest duration of silence in meetings.

Sentiments in conversations

Shows the positive, negative, or neutral sentiments of speakers in the meeting

Average number of conversations per teammate

The average number of meetings each teammate had in the selected date range.

Number of questions asked

The total number of questions asked during a meeting 

Average number of questions asked per teammate

The average number of questions asked by a teammate in a meeting

Some of these metrics, including sentiment, average word spoken per minute, average talk time, and topic trackers are also available for each meeting in the Fireflies notepad.

Conversation intelligence - Meeting insights on the left side of the screen
Meeting insights on the left side of the screen

How to access the Analytics data

Fireflies Analytics is exclusive for its Business plan users. If you’re already one, follow these steps to get your meeting analytics.

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First, log into Fireflies and click Analytics on the left side of the Fireflies Dashboard.

Conversation intelligence - Click Analytics on the Dasboard
Click Analytics on the Dasboard

Next, select the date range you’d like to get insights on from the top right corner of your screen.

Conversation intelligence - Select the date range
Select the date range

If you’re an individual user, you’ll only see metrics of your meetings.

Conversation intelligence - Explore Analytics
Explore Analytics

If you’re an admin of a workspace, you can also find these insights for all the members in your workspace.

Conversation intelligence - Find the Analytics for your team
Find the Analytics for your team

You can also filter these results based on Meeting Title, Meeting Type, Meeting Organizer, Meeting Participant, or Meeting Duration.

Click Filters on the top right corner.

Conversation intelligence - Filter your analytics results
Filter your analytics results

Click on the filter you want to apply from the drop-down menu.

Conversation intelligence - Select the Filter
Select the Filter

Select the appropriate option from the drop-down list and type more details in the textbox next to it if needed. Once done, click Apply, and that's it.

Conversation intelligence - Click Apply to see the results
Click Apply to see the results

The analytics will now show the results based on your preferred meetings alone.

Conversation intelligence - Filtered analytics
Filtered Meeting analytics

You can also customize and save the Filters you apply for future use by clicking on the Save View button.

Once you select all filter details, click the Save View button, name your filter, and click Save. Done.

Conversation intelligence - Save filters
Save Filters

Next time you open Filters, click Views to see all the filters you’ve saved and select the one you want to apply directly from the list.

Conversation intelligence - Select View
Select View

Topic Insights

Based on the topics you have added to the Topic Tracker, you can find key trending topics for all meetings aggregated under the Topic Insights section.

It gives you the total number of conversations where the topics or keywords are discussed and how often they are mentioned.

Conversation intelligence - Topic insights
Topic Insights
Want to know more about Topic Tracker?

Read: Fireflies Topic Tracker

How to view the Topic Insights

Open the Analytics page and click Topic Insights on the top left side.

Conversation intelligence - Select Topic Insights and dates
Select Topic Insights and dates

Select the date range from the top right corner. You’ll see the topics, keywords within them, the number of meetings they were mentioned, and the frequency of mentions during those dates.

You can click on the keyword to find more information on it.

For example, we clicked the keyword blog under the topic #Blog.

Conversation intelligence - select topic
Select Topic

It shows all the meetings where the keyword was mentioned, highlighting the number of instances and the parts of the transcript.

Conversation intelligence - Find when and where the topics are mentioned
Find when and where the topics are mentioned

Click on the highlighted dialogues or the meeting name to go to the complete meeting transcript.

If you’ve Admin access, you can filter these analytics based on the meetings of a specific member by selecting from the drop-down on top.

Conversation intelligence - Filter topics by teammate
Filter topics by teammate

Top use cases of Fireflies Conversation Intelligence

You can use the Fireflies Conversation Intelligence to understand your team’s performance, client conversations and ultimately make informed decisions based on reliable data.

Here are some top use cases of Fireflies Conversations Intelligence:

Sales and customer success managers

An average salesperson attends at least 35 calls daily. Manually tracking and analyzing the customer conversations of your entire team to give feedback and set sales processes isn’t easy.

Instead, use Fireflies Conversation Intelligence to -

  • Review calls faster: Extract key talking points, objections, and promises. This allows reps to review and follow up on critical details quickly.
  • Track rep’s performance and provide targeted feedback: Analyze transcripts and call metadata to identify high/low performing reps. Track trends over time to refine coaching.
  • Identify common objections: Detect common objections raised by prospects across calls. Create playbooks to train reps on effective responses.
  • Get competitive intel: Flag mentions of competitor names and products to analyze strengths/weaknesses. Adjust pitches accordingly.
  • Get valuable coaching insights: Spot patterns and identify techniques used by your top-performing reps and use them to coach your sales team. For instance, analyze the talk-to-listen ratio of your star performer and take it as a benchmark others can follow.

Fireflies For Sales Managers
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HR leaders

HR leaders can use the insights from Fireflies Conversation Intelligence to

  • Efficiently screen candidates and hire faster: Leverage conversation metrics like filler words, talk-to-listen ratio, and monologues to identify poor communicators quickly, potential hiring red flags, and blockers from candidate calls.
  • Quickly identify training needs: Pinpoint areas for improvement like active listening, empathy, and questioning skills based on silence duration, talk patterns, and sentiments.
  • Review calls faster: Review hour-long interviews in minutes for a seamless handoff process using AI-powered search filters.

Marketing managers

Marketing managers can use the Fireflies Conversation intelligence feature to:

  • Get competitive insights: Uncover competitors' messaging, positioning, and unique selling props (USPs) from prospect calls.
  • Understand the voice of the customer: Uncover customer needs, pain points, and product feedback from support calls to guide messaging and positioning.
  • Optimize keywords: Easily identify keywords, phrases, and features mentioned most in customer calls with Topic Insights. Use this to optimize paid and organic search and other marketing content.
  • Understand brand positioning: Ensure messaging aligns with how consumers describe your brand's positioning and differentiation.

Get five to eight times higher ROI with a data-driven approach in decision-making (Invesp)

When it comes to data-driven insights from conversations, Fireflies Conversation Intelligence is a game-changer.

It gives accurate insights into everything from the number of filler words used to the longest monologues and the minutes spent in absolute silence. You can also use it to track customer sentiments, gather feedback on your newly released product features, and more.

So, if your goal is to eliminate guesswork from your decision-making process, try Fireflies Conversation Intelligence and be amazed!

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