Convictional improves their sales meeting notes with Fireflies
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Convictional improves their sales meeting notes with Fireflies

Melody Ocumen

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Convictional co-founder, Chris Grouchy talks about how Fireflies saved their company countless hours of admin work by automatically logging sales meeting notes to their crm.


Convictional enables online retailers to expand their product assortment and drive growth without inventory risks. They provide the platform and expertise that enables online retailers to source, onboard, and integrate with third-party brands who fulfill orders on behalf of the retailer. Their vision is to build a B2B trade network, one where every supplier and buyer are integrated and engaging in commerce.

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Convictional's existing sales process involves taking notes in HubSpot, cleaning them up after the call, and then parsing out the key insights when following up with their prospects. This involves a lot of manual work which required significant effort from their team. They wanted to:

  • capture their notes and insights from their sales meeting more effortlessly, and
  • capture sales recordings for coaching and learning.


Convictional found out that their Sales Representatives focus more on note-taking during a call which prevents them from bring fully present with their prospect.

When you aren't present in a sales call, you are in a disadvantaged position when responding to objections, highlighting key points, and making insights.

The company also noted that everyone has their own style of note-taking, which made their notes inconsistent in terms of the amount of information captured.

Coaching is also impacted because the company didn't have recordings of their previous sales meetings. This prevents them from effectively coaching new sales reps using real examples.


Convictional used Fireflies and integrated it with Hubspot automatically logging their calls on the crm after their sales meetings.

Fireflies had the essential features that we needed such as call recording functionality, transcripts, and logging those notes in our CRM automatically. Their HubSpot CRM integration has been game-changing for us.

Fireflies also recorded their calls making it easily accessible for them.


Convictional's sales representatives are now fully present in each prospecting call. They have completely eliminated manual note-taking from their sales process without sacrificing quality. This saved their sales team hours of admin work each week.

Finally, coaching representatives on improvement areas has become possible because Fireflies keeps all their call recording which is easily accessible through the app.

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